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10000 SE Pine Street Portland, OR 97216 CURRICULUM OVERVIEW (cont.) Fastener Tools - Sockets & Bits OBJECTIVE: You will learn how simple bits and sockets affect the assembly process. You’ll review when special sockets or bits are appropriate. Pulse Tool OBJECTIVE: Learn how pulse tools work. Understand the nuances in selecting the proper pulse tool for specific applications, based on the customer’s priorities. Discover the types and fourteen generations of pulse tools. Review maintenance, repair, and diagnostic guidelines. Watch a pulse fluid change demonstration. Torque Measurement OBJECTIVE: To understand and compare the three methods of measurement: static, dynamic and residual. To learn what information each method provides. To see first hand how tool-type selection and joint rate affect torque measurement. Practice with the various types of equipment used on many assembly floors. Review basic tester and analyzer programming. Understand frequency response. Application Role Plays OBJECTIVE: Given a workpiece and written scenario, you and your group members decide the best tool and auxiliary equipment to fulfill this customer’s needs. ACHIEVING ASSEMBLY EXCELLENCE Controlled Tools OBJECTIVE: Learn how controlled tools function, differentiate between continuous and non continuous versions. Discover means to enable pneumatic tools to shift speeds similar to DC tools. Practice programming strategies on systems and varying joint dynamics. ACHIEVING ASSEMBLY EXCELLENCE

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CUSTOM TRAINING Custom training sessions can be scheduled by contacting AIMCO directly. ENROLL Enroll in one of AIMCO’s Technical Training Program sessions today by calling your AIMCO sales representative. Maximum capacity for each session is eight people, so enroll today to ensure your position. GROUP ENROLLMENT If your company has a group of four or more salespeople who would like to advance their sales knowledge of AIMCO products, AIMCO can schedule a special training session just for you. Welcome to AIMCO Tool University AIMCO’s training programs have been designed to cover all the...

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