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Tightening and Verifying Assembly is Mission Critical

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AUDITOR TORQUE CUBE TM AUDITORTM TORQUE CUBETM The Auditor Torque Cube (ATC) is a compact, versatile desktop tester and provides a multitude of capabilities. The ATC is designed to test hand or power tools with the following: • Peak, first peak and track modes. • Multiple engineering units. • Manual & auto clear function. • Multiple frequency response settings. • Bi-directional use & accuracy. • Accuracy is better than 1% of indicated reading top 90% of range. • Serial data output. Because precision and quality are important, our testers can be depended on to calibrate and certify your...

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AUDITOR UNIVERSAL ELECTRONIC TESTERS TM AUDITORTM UNIVERSAL ELECTRONIC TESTERS The Auditor Universal Electronic Testers (AUET) have a broad range of features to accommodate most requirements. These instruments are designed to be bench top mounted and are available in several configurations and various single or multiple torque ranges. They are also available with file capability, (DC) models. The DC models require PC software Auditor Tool Manager (ATM). These AUET instruments utilize the same transducers that are featured in the ATC instruments, providing the same high quality in accuracy...

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AUDITOR TORQUE DATA ANALYZERS TM AUDITORTM TORQUE DATA ANALYZERS Our torque tester is the Auditor Torque Data Analyzer (ATDA) DC designed to be portable or conveniently placed on a bench. Depending on requirements, the tester can be connected to various transducers. In addition, it can be connected to transducerized wrenches, rotary or stationary transducers. The user interface is common between the ATC (Cube), AUET, AUET-DC, AUET/MTM, AUET/MTM-DC, ATDA and ATDA-DC. All of these instruments have very similar menus, additionally, all data collector testers utilize Auditor Tool Manager for...

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AUDITOR TORQUE DATA ANALYZERS TM TOUCH SCREEN AUDITORTM TORQUE DATA ANALYZERS Auditor offers the ATDA-8000 and the ATDA-8000-10. The ATDA-8000 is a touch screen instrument with a high resolution display and user interface that facilitates “point of use” tool validation. The user interface is intuitive and the display provides clear easy to read data. Features and parameter settings are password protected to ensure parameters cannot be inadvertently changed. After initial setup the instrument provides semi-automatic tool validation and judgment. The ATDA-8000 is a single channel instrument –...

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Stationary Transducers with joint rundown fixtures and where applicable bench stands. AUDITORTM TRANSDUCERS – Stationary, Rotatables, Rotary, Wrenches “Transducers on a Stick” Analog and Digital transducer models available AIMCO offers multiple styles of transducers with various configurations depending on application requirements. We offer IS (industry standard transducers 2mv/v), Intelligent transducers for Crane instruments (UTA), Intelligent IS transducers for Auditor instruments (these work as intelligent when connected to our instruments but as IS when connected to other...

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*Insert (1) after the hyphen to indicate torque angle transducers. **Please refer to the Transducer Configurator in the Appendix A for required ordering options. DRIVE MAX TORQUE ROTARY – SMART ROTARY – IS TORQUE LENGTH THICKNESS WIDTH WEIGHT ANGLE* (A) (B) (C) lb *Add this suffix to the end of the part number to indicate torque/angle transducers.

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RUNDOWN FIXTURES / WIRELESS TRANSDUCER AUDITORTM RUNDOWN FIXTURES AIMCO’s ARDIA and ARDFA rundown fixtures provide a cost-effective means to test power tools at various joint rates. We provide 3 versions of rundown kits: our standard ARDIA or ARDFA, our wear resistant series (HD) and our encapsulated wear resistant series (HDS). Our HDS Series provides wear resistant properties and a sleeve that contains all components preventing nut, bolt and washers from coming apart. Rundown fixtures for heavy duty use. MODEL* RECOMMENDED TORQUE RANGE Rundown Fixture Rundown Fixture Rundown Fixture...

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AUDITOR DIGITAL WRENCH SERIES TM DOCKING STATION • Nest for accepting all wrench sizes. • Charger and serial communication accomplished through docking station. • Mountable for securing docking station. DATA COLLECTING MODELS: • Large memory capacity. • Every torque value has associated trace file. • Switch between measure and data collection modes at any time. • “Pick a Point” and “Move On” feature. • Multiple files and route capability. • Barcode scanner. • Data memory and simple statistics “On Board”. • Alpha Numeric screen for entering text. • Complete statistical analysis, data...

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ELECTRONIC TORQUE WRENCHES / ACCESSORIES ALLOW PRECISE TIGHTENING AND AUDITING OF YOUR ASSEMBLY APPLICATIONS “TRANSDUCERS ON A STICK” • Non-Length Dependent – Where the operator’s hand is positioned during use has no effect on torque readings. • Available in Industry Standard (IS) or Intelligent (Intellect) Configurations – Transducer is compatible with a wide variety IS style instruments or Auditor™ Intellect instruments that self recognize the transducer. • Durable – Steel, Aluminum and Carbon Fiber construction providing optimal strength and weight characteristics. Transducer supplied...

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AUDITOR HIGH-CAPACITY TEST STANDS TM AHCTS TEST STANDS FOR ROTATING TOOLS AHCTS-K STANDS These test stands are designed for testing tools with continuous rotating output spindles. The test stand includes a rundown fixture, bushing for side load support, reaction post or reaction paddles, transducer and torque analyzer display. The AHCTS-K stands are specifically designed for hydraulic wrench testing. Hydraulic wrenches have very low profiles but very high torque output therefore working height must be minimized to prevent side loading which could lead to errors in data or damage to tool or...

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