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AcraFeed II Automatic Screw Feeding System


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AcraFeed II Automatic Screw Feeding System The Acrafeed II allows users to drive screws with only one hand. Screws are automatically fed to the head of the driving tool for increased productivity. Gentle handling of fasteners reduces wear or potential damage The rocking bar design gently lifts the fasteners to the delivery track. AcraFeed II system reduces screw installation typically by two seconds or more per fastener by hand techniques. Locking finger holds fastener securely within the jaw set to assist operator with visual placement into the assembly. Simple locker design ensures screw up visibility. Each system is configured to the specific job. Pre-tested and run on actual customer parts to ensure turnkey startup on site. How to Order: Contact your AIMCO authorized representative at 1-800-852-1368 Specifications Voltage Net Weight/ Gross Weight Take Time 30-45 Screws per minute on average (actual application details will dictate) Hopper Capacity SAE #4 (M3) Screws 5/8” OAL (15mm) 2000pcs

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