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INDUSTRY 4.0 On-Board Smart Arm Capability and Process Visualization with the Gen IV ACE Controller Error-Proof your Fastening Process AcraDyne Gen IV Controller’s smart arm capability provides an advanced error-proofing solution to ensure the quality of your fastening operation. The process requires no external PC or software — the capability is on-board every Gen IV controller. FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Easy-to-follow visual guidance on the Gen IV controller graphical screen • Easy setup — programming takes only minutes • Once fastener locations are programmed into the Gen IV controller, the system can perform specific actions on specific fasteners • No external PC or third-party software needed. Control the process using AcraDyne’s Gen IV Controller and its integrated software, which is provided free of charge • Low-cost solution vs. competitive offerings that require third-party PC-based control • Modular – can be added at any time to an existing AcraDyne system using the Gen IV controller • No guesswork! Powerful Gen IV data collection enables diagnostics and analysis • Works with both continuous and discontinuous drive tools The Gen IV controller provides easy-to-follow visual guidance directly on the graphical screen. Tool in position over Bolt 1 Bolt 1 OK, Direction to Bolt 2

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Gen IV Smart Arm System with Process Visualization Smart Arm Accessory: • Requires no external PC or third-party software for operation • Gen IV Controller Software integrates with plant manufacturing execution software or allows custom programming Encoders located at each joint of the arm. Gen IV Controller captures fastening-process data: Smart Arm guides operator in the specified torque pattern and counts fasteners required for correct assembly. • Data captured and reported in real time with torque and graphing capabilities • Curve results presented in real time or from stored results •...

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