Welding Smoke/Dust Filter Cartridge


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Welding Smoke/Dust Filter Cartridge - 1

I Product Description : *> £«!§, 0 jjnspjra, jigp?fa®f&/jv?Lsss O , jfHHJffiSfff « ttftRSIBJKttffi 0 «ttlNSi£Mta 0 mm&a 0 Membrane coated polyester fiber/ flame proof nano composite liber filler materlai 0 Wide pleat, easy for dost removal 0 Opening at the top and the bottom/ closed bottom / small holes to Install 0 With the specific inner rotation, outer protecting band © Special flame proof performance O Galvanized rest proof metal structure 0 Robber seal ring Scope of Application : j&JB. KSftlffi. ftHlIXSftll'Itti Suitable for large steel structure, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, metal processing industries with plasma and laser cutting, welding smoke and other working conditions Note:. Accept the- nun-ulandar J o-cduclscut; luinUal oa.

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