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AR-SPAR-SP Sintered Plate Dust Collector tEiS I Overview : am. , rsajsT:mi. **, -iti. AR-SP sintered plate dust collector is the fruit of the technological cooperation between Niltelsu Mining and our cooperation. This dust collector uses sintered plats as the core tiller element, has the distinguishing features of dramatic high filtration efficiency, ullre-long service life and nearly non-maintenance ll is widely used in different industries, rubber, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-ferrous metal smelting and other industr es with dust removal difficulty. I Performance Feature © SJ8I5S2 , fl9K£|&0.lfmLd&K£ , 3?Eli£® * Smg/m1. © , ttfflttEgifl , fcfflj&£Rli£lO£piy © Ultra-high efficient of dust removal,minimum particle size is only 0.1 microns, emission concentration «5mgfm5 © Ultra-long service life,service life is longer than 10 years because of high wear resistance filter material. © Equipment resistance is unchanged, stable pressure difference and stable equipment operation © Compared with the filter bag dust collector, the volume of equipment can he reduced to 1/2. © Can be used in special working condition such as the dust contains 5% oil or 5%water . or acid and alkali particles. AR-SP #tSt$ Datasheet

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