Side-mounted Chuck Type Filter Cartridge


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Side-mounted Chuck Type Filter Cartridge - 1

I Product Description : 0 0 £i£S&&vt 0 isstas 0 IfcsffiJTP . E&tilJK 0 Composite liberl Polyester fiber 0 Wide pleat design 0 High filtering efficiency 0 Opened top. closed bottom 0 Metal net for inside and outside support galvanized end coverwill not rusl easily 0 Special elastic rubber sealing ring iSffljB® I Scope of Application : , pria&MffiSjE-t fcCifcS. , f£9& . ttli , Side-mounted chuck type filter cartridge is designed to apply to the working condition which is not suitable for top-installation type and bottom-installation type filter cartridges. Applied to electronics, tires, rubber, batteries and other industries. I Filter Material Selection : AR-PF «££?£ Polyester fiber AR-FR EtffiSttSSlSfTSi Flame proof polyester fiber AR-GW Oiftvater-procf polyester fiber AR-ST Anti-static polyester fiber A R- PT F E aiSjittiS £ sTS PTFE-coaled polyester fiber AR-WF £ca£F?ii Composite fiber AR-WRF RtR&IWM^it FlameproofOomposilefiber j!iT±®SfOTS3CjgT®s8SX5i, qranyiiiH^-N^mv. Suso-mounted ctKick typfl filter oartridae is designed to appty to the 'dvorkln-a condition wMcti ie not suitable for top-metBiiation type end bottom-insialiBtion type filte r certndge e.

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