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Z?Ti*B AIEB ENVIRONMENTAL Description of Performance : ^7Sff69}«Erl5J@5ffi®, £SBm£, a^RisiEnfiTSTgnaaffiaitt^s. T , t*fnEMvigSO% ; , SSSffff Mfcia, MSll}£5W*fS®*. In order to Ostler meet the needs of the market, integrating the advantages of the filter cartridge dust collector and the filter bag dust collector, our company has recently developed new type pleated bag dust collector Compared to the traditional bag dust collector, for the same filler area, Lhe pleated bag dust collector could reducing the volume of nearly 50%; compared to the traditional filter cartridge dust collector, it can be used for higher temperature and higher dust concentration, The core element of the dust collector is pleated bag structure, theoretical increase the filtration area of 60% than the traditional bag. Supporting bag cage with special design, effectively support the pleated bag Interior space, ensure the pleated bag does not reduce the effective filtration area when the dust collector is under the negative pressure working situation. q Polypropylene IsnY stable under UV. And it Is easy lo be deformed while the temperature is higher than 62°C. 9 Polypropylene sulfide is easy to be darnaged with strong oxidizer like 02 , NO* , Br2.Thi.i5, if there are those gas,We advice lo reduce working temperature. © Polyimide (P84) is easy to be affected by SOX under the circumstance of power station and smoke. O Teflon is easy to extend under high temperature if overload Mote’ So far we can provfdecpl SO^Qep 130 bag house, while the length can be designed according lo customers'needs. Meanwhile, orders with specified sizes are acceptable. I Material Selection Guide : Tra£3S7&. « RjSKKgSSttM { 02 , NO* , Br2 ) ftSSil © RS<SEfi < P84 ) +

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