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KiifS Long Filter Cartridge S^ppf®]^ I Product Description : © r o ra&ais 9 aSE5i^^1ira^Sffl2-3© © JlnBJTD , JffigCU/l © 5tlS2Wlf £P(K . *«« . © rtSifWWN RWtS , *8S$8'ffi#£*ra . WJtra © ^mieS3rt3iB © $FB?£W?s«Kf © Narrow pleat design, easy for dust removal © High tillering efficiency © Fi Iter area is 2-3 times of the bag with same dimension © Open top, closed bottom © Top and bottom material, polyurethane, stainless stool, galvanized metal or silica gel © Inner support net material; Polypropylene, stainless steel or galvanized mesh, perforated mesh © Special matched seal ring © Applicable to different filter head plate sizes, iC Installation Methode ±*SC - Jfcl*ffltliiA?0E?Lrt , EiSISSEA, Tgst ■ EmttAftmrt, atsjsiaigfflsttft'B. iSffliBli] I Scope of Application : Replacement of tiller bag dust collector anti apply to new type pulse dust collector. ftR-fLF62100/20PE®j?Hi2tdns(iilletiui* Diagram Top insinuation: Put the expansion ring into the filter head plate hole, then insert the filter cartridge Bottom installation; Put the hoop into the filter head plate hole, put (he cartridge into, then tighten with bolt,

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