Filter Cartridge for Casting and Sand Blast


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Filter Cartridge for Casting and Sand Blast - 1

/^qpJSi^ I Product Description : © KffiiKnfflM, aitfc ; © fStflgti&J ; 0 sss, lubeaii&jfepE&sttm. . 0 r*3BJTP , JiSB?TOl!tFE''Jga!d'7L Q Long fiber polyester filter materiafs, wide pleat, easy for dual removal © Good abrasion resistance 0 Anti ■ rust gal van ized end cover a n d i n ner core © Special elastic neoprene seal ring 0 Unique internal screw type gluing, outer protection band © Opening top and opening bottom / closed bottom/ opening botes at the bottom iCE?N-i&I Filter Material Selection : AR-PF Polyesler fiber AR-FR EBS£t3!3£S§£F!iE Flame proof polyester fiber A R ■ G W BffiEfiKi ^KifcBBg0ISf*ff QIAftater-prool polyester liber AR-ST Anti-static polyester fiber A R - P T F E PTFE- coated polyester fiber Scope of Application : 0&.90 , £$fl , Shipbuilding, containers, large-scale port machinery, steel pre-treatment, etc Powder spraying, sand blasting operation, paint industry, filtering of wood processing Installation method' bevel plug, vertical plug Note: Accept thenon-standard products customization.

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