Cylindrical Gas Turbine Air Inlet Filters


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Filter Cartridge for Self-Cleaning Filter I Product Description : O Imported specialized air filter,'dust removal composite filter paper, nigh filtering efficiency © Wide pleat design, large filtering area © Anti-rust galvanized cap © Galvanized Keel wdli diamond mesh, higher rale of opening pinhole © Elaslic neoprene gas ket f ing © Good moisture proof ability iMffl/BH Scope of Application : iifflTafir*a!£2', ^smAc^iS;®, jskp RTlilSl^Donaldson, GE, AAF, Nordidffii.Pi Suilable for large air separation facility in oxygen factory, inlet air fitter of large compressor, blast furnace blower. Replacement of the same products of different brands such as Donaldson, G E. AAF, Nordic, ate. Note: Initial resi stance refers to the dean air testing resistance excluding the equipment resistance: Non-standard product's customization is acceptable..

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