Conical & Cylindrical Gas Turbine Air Inlet Filters


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Gas Tu rbine Filter CartridgeI Product Description : © *i3t»®iR, *i3&f<lS ; © £mha*£». , © Imported filter paper from United Stales, Mood pulp fiber EC%-r polyester fiber 20%; © Applied lo reverse pulse blowing in the high humidity situation; © Large area design, high filtering air flow, © Inside and outside metal support, anti-rust galvanized end cover, © Special elssficrubhersealingring I Scope of Application : rTJ&JITGE, SOLAR, SIEMENS, ALSTOM, MITSUBISHW^fe^JESMlAPiatt , iife» Apply to inlet filtering of compressor of gas furhine (GE, SOLAR. SIEMENS. ALSTOM. MITSUBISHI), and generator air filtering Note: Accept the non-standard products customization.

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