AR-ZJ Self-Cleaning Dust Collector


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KnesHi, tmtrttspttffltii. tn,. OAHU ©SUSS. AR-ZJ Self-cleaning filter is a device used forfronl-end filtration of air powered equipment, which can effectively maintain the cleanness of equipment's rotor, and can be widely used in: air compressor of raw materials In oxygen plant, the Clast furnace blower ol steel plan, all Kinds of gas turbine with a variety of capacity, tobacco, air conditioning system in paper industry, central air conditioning system with higher requirement of low dust concentration. !± : «®S39EtS5rtS!SS^i. ( ffiKtf*) : KCmm ttCmm 75Cmm 9C0rrm lOOOnrm ) rvoteiFNieriyvirtjge'sspeOiiiaiioncanteasonspietieselectKiawwdrxiiJwequirwT'perTs. ( Hetghts .50Cmm 660mm 75txnm KEmm icoormi) AR-ZJ Datasheet 1 Performance Feature o =ra»s^a*s#aiM«jiiis, ttMNR&fTXtt. & . itSSS mt. ® , —IKSO. 1-0.6 mVm in® Atti^, SWif JEJDO. 4 ~0.6M Pa 0 iST+aS , £3E5e^gi£it, raUfRAifla-, SrgTS tt , tfcffi. 0 The air filter elements can be grouped and automatically cleaned, while others run as usual wort.. O Imparted polyester liber filler maierisl, high morsturB resistance . dust is herd to adhere to its surface; Keep the self-cleaning filter In the running condition of low resistance. © High automation level, imported control component to enable unmanned operation, © Air consumption of back blowing is law, generally 0.1 -0.6 mVmm (suction status). Beakblowing pressure is 0.4 - 0 6 MPa © Reasonable design , no elbow design, high-rise modular combination, convenient and fast Installation.. Mote: Filrercartncge'sspecficatcn can nes3onstle he selectsC aocordng tDrequremsnls. ( Heigh1s-£00nrm HSflnrm 75QmTi OOOnm lOOOrrm)

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