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sans Aier Engineering AR-CH ;IM|5£^f§ AR-CH Cartridge Dust Collector | Overview : mm, mm, mm, si* mm, m AR-CH cartridge dust collector use filter cartridge as core filter element, and use pulse jet mode as dust clean method. This series of products can be widely used for industrial dust control in shipbuilding, automobile, foundry, non-ferrous metals, tobacco, light industry, rubber, pharmaceutical and other industries. AR-CH#|fcS | Data Sheet: | Performance Feature : O wmximmm-, OiftffiKTiB*®, mc$m Dmmmmmrm, ms?mm®-, I) Unique singking flow design, conducive to cleaning the dust adhere to filter cartridges; Building block type of structure,easy to combine the modular to meet the required air volume. Large air flow filter cartridge , effectively reduce the size and area of dust collector. 0 Low running resistance, significant energy saving of dust collector system, e Safer, simpler, faster dust collector repair and filter cartridge replacement, shorter equipment downtime . Note: According to the working environment of dust collector, choose to install components such as electric discharge valve, screw conveyor, insulation layer, the material level alarm, venting port, temperature and humidity sensor, improve the equipment performance. Many kinds of Filter cartridges can be selected according to the characteristics of dust, such as oil water proof polyester filter cartridge, anti-static filter cartridge, flame proof filter cartridge , PTFE coated filter cartridge, to solve the problem of dust control.

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