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Precision tungsten carbide grinding and fine grinding machine

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Technical data Grinding wheels with double cup Abrasive Diameter Bore Clamping range of tool holders Tools with rectangular shank Tools with round shank Circular form tools Cutting speeds Grinding wheels Chip breaker wheels Spindle bearings Preloaded and matched precision ball bearings, life time lubricated Tool feed Manual with micrometer screw Coolant unit Capacity of coolant tank Flow rate per nozzle 23 liters (5 gals) 3.5 l/min (.77 gal/min) Machine dimensions incl. machine lamp 1000x600x1500mm (39.4x23.6x59”) Clearance angle setting max. 26° Motor performance Drive motor Pump motor

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Precision tool grinding machine Grinding advantages with AGATHON 175-DIA All tungsten carbide tools are ground, geometrically correct and without undue generation of heat with diamond grinding wheels. The tungsten carbide machining with diamond grinding wheels requires a rm tightening of the tools and offers the following advantages: higher grinding accuracy minimal wheel wear reduced grinding costs no dressing of the grinding wheel cooler grinding improved tool life. The tools are rough and nish ground with two double cup wheels of different grits and without unclamping in accordance with...

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Special features Mechanical ne infeed is applied with the left hand whilst oscillating the tool with the right hand Easy assembly operation for belt or bearing replacement by removing the wheelhead top cover The high capacity coolant pump is mounted directly on the pull-out coolant tank Simple mains connection in terminal box with built-in transformer and brake rectier Main drive motor with belt tensioner and magnetic brake mounted in the machine base Micrometer ne infeed with xed scale drum

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Accessories with work examples Installing the right hand extension arbor, item, with a chip breaker wheel Rapid changeover of accessories. Tool holder 15, item, placed in basic adapter Chip breaker grinding on a cranked tool with inclinable tool holder 40, item Off-hand radius grinding. Tool on grinding table, item Effective 4-piece plexiglass splash guards, items, ...80 Our grinding wheels are specially selected to suit the specic grinding conditions 5

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Accessories with work examples Clearance surface Chip-groove grinding attachment, item, for grinding straight-lined chip-groove with suitable radii for breaking or curling the produced chips, with weight compensation of the grinding motion Cutter grinding attachment, item, for cylindrical and conical grinding. Multi-facet grinding with dividing disc, face and radial relief grinding, with W15 collets Spade drills and single lip cutters are clamped in the collet, ground to shape and size and cutting edges ground Cutter grinding attachment, item 401.82.50.0, for...

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175-DIA F0034012 / Date: 22.10.2013 / Subject to technical modications Quality Precision Innovation Agency close to you: http://www.agathon.com Basel Zürich-Kloten Lugano Zermatt

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