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Technology for Environmental Protection Professional equipment and convincing technology for tank, heating and environmental protection. • Our product portfolio for the safe operation of heating systems and fuel oil tanks reduces operating costs, helps make optimum use of fuels and provides timely warnings if hazardous situations arise. • We provide a complete range from individual components to preassembled, tested assemblies. Tank – Professional tank protection and safe storage of fuel oil Tank protection systems: • Leak detectors – sight glass principle • Leak detectors for systems with...

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Heating – A complete range for the equipment of heating systems from a single supplier! • Motorised boiler room vent and draft stabilisers • Oil filters and fuel oil de-aerators • Boiler safety equipment groups • Safety valves • Connection assemblies for expansion vessel • Thermal safety valves • Combustion controllers • Flow filters • In addition to our comprehensive range of standardised, proven offthe- shelf products, we also offer customised special products. • Many of our products help protect the environment. Our fields of activity include keeping the air clean, reducing energy...

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Water technology – The product range for drinking water supply and rainwater harvesting! • Pressure reducers • Non-return valves • Boiler safety groups • Safety valves • Sacrificial anodes • Drinking water filters • UV drinking water disinfection • Rainwater harvesting system centre • Rainwater filters • UV rainwater disinfection systems • Inner tank linings for rainwater harvesting systems • Oil tank conversion kits National and international approvals and certificates ensure superior quality. The labels shown apply only to specific AFRISO products. Water

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AFRISO, founded by Adalbert Fritz in Schmiedefeld, Germany in 1869, is an innovative, medium-sized company with a total staff of 900 worldwide, 475 of whom are employed at the four German sites. Traditionally, we manufacture measuring and control devices for temperature and pressure. For more than 50 years now, we have also been manufacturing measuring, control and monitoring devices and systems for environmental protection: • Level indicators • Overfill alarm systems • Leak detection systems • Flue gas analysers Our leading-edge, market-oriented products and innovations result from our...

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AFRISO-EURO-INDEX GmbH • Lindenstr. 20 • 74363 Güglingen • Phone +49 7135 102-0 • Fax +49 7135 102-147 • info@afriso.de • www.afriso.de Ident-Nr. 991517 06659 02/10 The complete catalogue with detailed information on all products can be ordered at www.afriso.de/catalogue The complete range of products: Measuring, control and monitoring devices for building technology, industry and environmental protection. • Contents gauges, level indicators and level controllers • Overfill alarm systems • Leak detectors, leak monitoring systems • Tank linings • Gas detectors and alarms • Accessories for...

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