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Rainwater harvesting An ecological necessity

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Rainwater harvesting Become independent: Rainwater harvesting saves money and protects the environment. Clean drinking water, our most valuable resource, is more and more difficult to procure in many regions. The price of drinking water has increased by 350 % since 1988. And the price is expected to continue to rise exponentially. On the other hand, expensive drinking water is still wasted in many situations. About one half of the drinking water used in households can be replaced by rainwater collected via rainwater harvesting systems. Why waste valuable drinking water for flushing toilets,...

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Rainwater system centre RWSC RWSC can be used as a fully automatic rainwater harvesting system together with all standard rainwater tanks as well as rainwater tanks converted from fuel oil tanks. RWSC is suitable for single-family homes and apartment buildings as well as small and medium-sized commercial and industrial businesses. RWSC is a robust, extremely reliable microprocessor-based control unit designed for a long service life which fully auto- matically controls the entire operation of rainwater harvesting systems. The pump, the processor units and the other function components are...

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Rainwater harvesting systems for home and garden Rainwater system control and rainwater tank Pump and rainwater collector Pump and rainwater collector Rainwater system centre RWSC Plastic manhole cover Ø 500 mm Plastic manhole cover Ø 500 mm Plastic manhole cover Ø 500 mm Rainus downpipe filter (for up 75 m² roof area) Cartridge filter (for up to 150 m² roof area) Inlet unit for bottom filling Inlet unit for bottom filling Cartridge filter for direct mounting to the manhole cover 2 quick-action connection pieces Floating suction fitting Inlet unit for bottom filling Wall duct Ø 100 mm for...

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Additional devices AFRISO, founded by Adalbert Fritz in Schmiedefeld, Germany in 1869, is an innovative, medium-sized company mainstotal staff RENA backup controller for supplying with a of 1,000 worldwide,rainwater tank if RWSC is the five German water to the 500 of which are employed at not sites. used. Floating suction fitting Flexible suction hose Inlet device for bottom Overflow siphon with rodent stop Level indicators Quick-action connection pieces Overfill prevention systems Traditionally, we manufacture measuring and control devices for temperature and pressure. For more than 50...

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The complete range of products: Das komplette Lieferprogramm: Measuring, control Überwachungsgeräte für Mess-, Regel- und and monitoring technology for domestic, industrial Haustechnik, Industrie und Umweltschutz. and environmental applications. Füllstandmess- and level controllers Level indicators und -regelgeräte Überfüllsicherungen Overfill prevention systems Leckanzeigegeräte, monitoring systems Leak detectors, leak Lecküberwachungssysteme Tankinnenhüllen Inner tank linings Gaswarngeräte Gas alarm units Ausrüstung für Heizöllagerbehälter und ölführende Leitungen Equipment for fuel oil...

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