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Pressure · Temperature · Level AFRISO offers an attractively priced and complete range of high quality products for the measurement of Pressure, Temperature and Level. Pressure – We manufacture and supply a complete range of products! Pressure – mechanical: Pressure – electronic: Capsule type pressure gauges Pressure transducers Bourdon tube pressure gauges Digital pressure indicators Diaphragm type pressure gauges Hand-held measuring instruments Differential pressure gauges Display instruments and controllers Pressure gauge accessories Test and calibration instruments Chemical seals Signal...

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Our comprehensive range enables us not only to deliver individual sensors but also the matching power supplies and display instruments for your complete system. On request, we can also take over the complete system engineering right through to the manufacture of the complete control cabinet. A vast selection of different construction materials and process connections (e. g. Stainless Steel 316 Ti, 316 L, Monel, Hastelloy, Platinum, Titanium, PFA-/ PTFE-coatings and plastics) enable the user to adapt the instrument to the individual application. In addition to our comprehensive range of...

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National and international approvals and certificates guarantee highest quality levels: Level measurement and communication – Our wide product range meets your requirements too! Capacitance level indicators and controllers ressure transducers for hydrostatic P level measurement Capacitance level switches TDR Micropulse Level indicators Conductivity level switches Non-contact ultrasonic level indicators Vibrating type level switches evel warning instruments for oil/water L separators and grease traps Rotary paddle switches hermistor type level sensors, T overfill prevention systems, PTC...

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The company AFRISO, founded by Adalbert Fritz in Schmiedefeld, Germany in 1869, is an innovative, medium-sized company with a total staff of 1,000 worldwide, 500 of which are employed at the five German sites. Traditionally, we manufacture measuring and control devices for temperature and pressure. For more than 50 years now, we have also been manufacturing measuring, control and monitoring devices and systems for environmental protection: Level indicators Overfill prevention systems Leak detectors Fittings for heating systems Flue gas analysers Our leading-edge, market-oriented products...

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The complete range of products: measuring, control and monitoring technology for domestic, industrial and environmental applications. Level indicators and level controllers Overfill prevention systems Leak detectors, leak monitoring systems Inner tank linings Gas alarm units Equipment for fuel oil storage tanks and oil carrying pipes Equipment for boilers, boiler rooms and chimneys Equipment for drinking water supply and rainwater harvesting Heating controllers, solar controllers Temperature measuring instruments and temperature controllers Pressure gauges and pressure controllers Portable...

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