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Measuring, control and monitoring devices

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New products 2013 / 2014 - 2

AFRISO is at home wherever there is measuring, controlling or mon- itoring required. As a full-range manufacturer, we offer our custom- ers a broad product portfolio of measuring, control and monitoring devices from a single source. A wealth of experience from numerous applications as well as our knowledge of the requirements in the individual markets make us a reliable partner in building technology, process engineering and plant engineering. Our motto "Technology for Environmental Protection" has long been Level sensor with metallised sleeve 4 Level sensor chain, GWG filler cap 5...

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New products 2013 / 2014 - 3

Building technology The subject of saving energy has been our focus for more than 40 years. From the start, we have supported the move towards geothermal and solar systems as well as the use of biogenous fuels by supplying professional components and assemblies. Our range for the secure storage of fuel oil and professional equipment for heating systems reduces operating costs, helps make optimum use of fuels, provides timely warnings if hazardous situations arise and constitutes an active contribution to environmental protection. Innovative measuring instruments for flue gas analysis yield...

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New products 2013 / 2014 - 4

Equipment for flood-safe oil tank systems Label for protection against environmental damage With the new complete catalogue 2013/2014, AFRISO is now offering an even more consistent segmentation in the area of "Making Tanks Safe". For example, all products have been closely scrutinised in terms of water tightness. Fittings with the label FLOOD WATER PROOF withstand a water column of up to 10 m without allowing fuel oil to escape. Specialised companies can now easily find brand products such as GWG filler caps, level sensors, level indicators, withdrawal systems, anti-siphon valves, fuel oil...

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New products 2013 / 2014 - 5

Overfill alarm systems Protection of the tanks system against overfill damage Level sensor chain or universal retrofitting of existing battery tank systems F without replacement of the withdrawal system When conventional tank facilities are filled and the first tank filled is not equipped with a level sensor, there is a high risk of overfilling. Possible consequences: damage to the building, soil contamination, environmental damage (groundwater), long-term odour problems and immense consequential costs. The AFRISO GWG level sensor chain is used to protect battery tank facilities against...

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New products 2013 / 2014 - 6

Automatic fuel oil de-aerator with multiple filtration ultiple filtration for maximum separation of dirt particles M ackflow preventer with integrated pressure relief towards B the tank Service indicator: Vacuum pressure gauge indicates when it is time to replace the filter rain system for fast and clean filter change D ypass valve for easy and clean burner hose replacement B Fuel oil de-aerator, safety version, with integrated filter, shut-off valve, vacuum pressure gauge and switch over valve for multiple filtration. De-aerator hood with triple float safety system to prevent oil foam from...

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New products 2013 / 2014 - 7

Alarm units Leak detectors For safe monitoring of fuel oil tanks EW: Electronic pressure sensor for permanently stable N switching points ith visual and audible alarms, Acknowledge button W and switching output igh energy efficiency: economical, powerful DC motor H with high starting torque Service indicator for annual maintenance With power failure monitoring Leak detector, class I as per EN 13160 For the safe monitoring of double-walled tanks or single-walled tanks with inner lining. Eurovac contains the following elements in a compact, robust plastic housing: All display elements and...

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New products 2013 / 2014 - 8

Equipment for heating systems Safety equipment Reliable, automatic separation of air or automatically removing of air from heating systems F and underfloor heating systems re-assembled, tightness-tested and heat-insulated assembly P ontinuous, automatic venting of the system C avings due to reliable operation and better/faster S heat transfer ast and easy integration into existing pipes via F reducer unions Compact air separator with integrated quick air vent in form-fit insulation. The new function principle with two separation chambers ensures a reduced flow speed for effective separation...

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New products 2013 / 2014 - 9

Equipment for heating systems 3-/4-way mixing valves for heating systems and cooling systems For distribution and mixing Compact design Rotary knob for precise adjustments ow torque for increased service life of actuator L Compact, low-loss 3-way or 4-way mixing valves for water (no drinking water) or water with up to 50 % of glycol. The rotary knob with scale allows for easy and accurate manual adjustment of the mixing valve. The elevated mark allows for fast position determination. Available as 3-way mixing valve for distribution and mixing or as 4-way mixing valve for dual admixture...

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New products 2013 / 2014 - 10

Equipment for heating systems Pressure gauge Compact Bourdon tube pressure gauge, with optional capillary tube Space-saving installation, housing diameter 26 mm deal for boilers, burners or wall-mounted heaters I Corrosion-resistant, highly impact-resistant plastic housing Many customised versions available Small Bourdon tube pressure gauge(Ø 26 mm) either with plastic or copper capillary for burners, boilers, hot water tanks and refrigeration/air conditioning systems. Accuracy class 4, ranges 0/4 bar und 0/6 bar and operating temperature range up to max. 80 °C. Complete catalogue...

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New products 2013 / 2014 - 11

Equipment for heating systems Solar thermal equipment Integrated alarm unit function for extra safety Easy commissioning and programming Multi-language menu and colour display With visual/audible alarms Controlling and monitoring with a single device Solar controller in wall mounting housing for system-independent control and monitoring of thermal solar systems. Additional protection equipment and alarm signals (such as accumulation of liquid in the collector tank for solar liquid, system overpressure, pressure loss) can be connected and displayed with a customisable text message. Warning...

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