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Making Tanks Safe - efficient heating, safe living, environmental protection!

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The complete range of products for professional Product OVERFILL AL ARM SYSTEMS as per EN 13616 (German TRbF 511/512) Level sensor GWG 12 K With yellow or grey fitting or without fitting. GWG 12 K/1 yellow also with mechanical level indicator or withdrawal unit. Diesel fuel Bio-oil / biodiesel Technical Approval of the German Institute for Building Technology: Z-65.17-182 With yellow or grey fitting. Also with telescopic tube for height adjustment. Diesel fuel For aboveground and underground outdoor tanks: cylindrical horizontal steel or plastic tanks and cylindrical vertical steel tanks....

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Making tanks safe - 3

tank protection and safe fuel oil storage. Product Graphical indication of level, consumption and remaining range in l, m³, % or mm Diesel fuel Bio-oil / biodiesel Application For continuous level measurement and alarms in the event of minimum or maximum levels. For tank heights from 900 to 4,000 mm. Level switches Minimelder/ Maximelder With magnetic float switch. Oil/water mixtures For alarms in the event of minimum or maximum levels. Fuel oil EL, L, M Neutral liquids WATCHDOG al arm units as per German DWA-A 791/ 779 Oil alarm unit OM 5 With visual/audible alarms, Test/ Acknowledge...

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Tank protection Professional equipment and convincing solutions for tank protection and rainwater harvesting. Our product portfolio for the safe operation of heating systems and fuel oil tanks reduces operating costs, helps make optimum use of fuels, provides timely warnings if hazardous situations arise and contributes to the protection of the environment. Irrespective of installation site, tank size or the fuel to be stored. If used together with the event reporting system EMS, the alarm units immediately transmit a text message to signal events such as reserve level or error messages,...

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EMS for remote reporting of malfunctions and alarms sent directly to a mobile phone in case of hazardous situations Level indicator TankControl Oil/water alarm unit Gas and smoke detector GRM /sensor Filler cap with integrated level sensor connector Level sensor Tank contents gauge MT-Profil fuel oil deaerator FloCo-TOP series Tank withdrawal system Euroflex Tank room lining type anti-siphon valve KAV Pull cord detector Eurovac barrier made of impact-resistant, weatherresistant plastic Safe operation of fuel oil systems Leak protection lining With a comprehensive range of building...

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Filling pipe Condensate trap Plastic manhole cover Floating suction fitting indicator Unitop system centre Calmed inlet Leak monitoring Oil tank conversion kits Application areas If oil tanks can no longer be used or if the heating system is converted to other types of energy or if old unused cesspits and cisterns are available, the containers can be equipped with a plastic inner lining for rainwater harvesting and integrated into a rainwater harvesting system. ylindrical steel or plastic C (glass-fibre reinforced plastic) tanks Fuel oil EL Diesel fuel Double-walled steel tanks io-oil with...

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Making tanks safe - 7

AFRISO quality products At AFRISO, quality is systematically planned and, at every stage of product development and production, managed and monitored. This is attested to by national and international approvals and certificates. Each new development is meticulously engineered, developed, documented and tested. Our wealth of experience resulting from numerous applications, the latest production technologies and an unusually high degree of vertical manufacturing integration make us a reliable partner and stand for the very highest product quality. 4 Level indicator TankControl 9 Tank...

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The complete range: Measuring, control and monitoring technology for domestic, industrial and environmental applications. Level indicators and level controllers Overfill prevention systems Leak detectors, leak monitoring systems Inner tank linings Gas alarm units Equipment for fuel oil storage tank and oil carrying pipes Equipment for boilers, boiler rooms and chimneys Equipment for drinking water supply and rainwater harvesting Heating controllers, solar controllers Temperature measuring instruments and temperature controllers ressure gauges and pressure P controllers Portable measuring...

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