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Reducing Heating Costs Living Safely

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Energy saving with AFRISO - 2

Products for energy savings and safe operation of heating systems: Reducing heating costs, protecting the environment, living safely 1 EMS for remote reporting of malfunctions and alarms sent directly to a mobile phone in case of hazardous situations 2 Level indicator TankControl for optimum use of fuels 3 Oil/water alarm unit ÖWWG 3 for fast detection of leaks L 4 evel sensor GWG with maximum reliability even for biofuels P 5 iston type anti-siphon valve KAV for maximum protection of oil tanks and low line resistance 6 Automatic fuel oil de-aerator FloCo-TOP-2 series for reliable...

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Energy saving with AFRISO - 3

AFRISO offers a wide range of products for saving energy and for the safe and convenient operation of heating systems. Irrespective of whether the heating system uses regenerative energy or fossil fuels, considerable savings can often be achieved at low costs. Reduced operating costs Prolonged service life, safe and efficient operation of tank systems and heating systems Optimum use of fuels Timely warning if hazardous situations arise, also remote alarms, for example, via smartphone High-quality brand products made in Europe Conservation of resources as an active contribution to...

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Energy saving with AFRISO - 4

Save energy and resources and pro For heating and storage rooms 4 Level sensor with metallised sleeve For reduction of fuel consumption. Suitable for installation in basement windows or inlet ventilation ducts for burnercontrolled oxygen supply of heating rooms with oil and gas burners of up to 50 kW. The rise in the use of biofuels (EN 14213) results in an environment susceptible to the growth of microorganisms (such as bacteria and fungi). This may cause the level sensor to malfunction and ultimately disable the safety shutoff system. Possible consequences: damage caused by overfilling,...

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Energy saving with AFRISO - 5

otect the environment with AFRISO bra For safe and trouble-free operation of heating systems 5 Anti-siphon valves For oil carrying pipes. Keeps fuel oil from being siphoned out of the tank in the case of leaks in the suction line. 11 Solar pump assemblies PrimoSol® For the efficient operation of thermal solar systems. or installation between F collector and storage Pre-assembled, tightnesstested and heat-insulated assembly reat number of versions: G Filling and flushing unit, flow meter with ball valve or vent pot omprehensive range of C accessories: - Solar controller - Solar quick air...

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Energy saving with AFRISO - 6

and products. For drinking water supply and rainwater harvesting Domestic water system centre HWSC Compact, modular drinking water distribution system. Base version comprises all components required for single-/two-family homes. Space-saving, pleasing design, heat-insulated Water filter WAF 03/04 With backwashable fine filter and pressure reducer for drinking water supply. The innovative backwashing system with impeller ensures fast and thorough cleaning of the filter, low water consumption. For constant outlet pressure Time-saving, easy installation otatable cover to indicate the R next...

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Energy saving with AFRISO - 7

For controlling panel heating and cooling systems 13 Single room controller CosiTherm® Controls the temperature of individual rooms in connection with manifold systems for heating and cooling. Available as wired version or with EnOcean® wireless technology for easy integration into building automation systems and convenient remote control via smartphone/ tablet. ystem can be operated in "Heating" or S "Cooling" mode Room temperature sensor 14 wireless/wired easurement and adjustment of room M temperature ltra-flat design with a height of 12.5 mm! U odular design for the connection of a M...

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Energy saving with AFRISO - 8

The company AFRISO, founded by Adalbert Fritz in Schmiedefeld, Germany in 1869, is an innovative, medium-sized company with a total staff of over 1,000 worldwide, over 500 of which are employed at the five German sites. Traditionally, we manufacture measuring and control devices for temperature and pressure. For more than 50 years now, we have also been manufacturing measuring, control and monitoring devices and systems for environmental protection: Level indicators Overfill prevention systems Leak detectors Fittings for heating systems Our leading-edge, market-oriented products and...

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