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Digital Indication and Control Instrument VarioFox

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3 4 2 1 6 5 7 VarioFox is a compact, ready-to-connect indication and control instrument with a digital display housed in a robust wall mounting enclosure. With integrated transducer supply and two or four relay outputs. VarioFox processes all standard output signals. The text-orientated menu guide makes it user friendly, easy to operate and to program. Freely selectable measurement units, adjustable start and end of scale values allow for almost all parametering. A mute button on the front of the unit obliges the plant operator to carry out regular checks; this ensures additional...

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Digital Indication and Control Instrument VarioFox - 3

VarioFox – Universal. Stand-alone. Compact. Technical Specifications VarioFox 12 Display 5-digit graphic LCD display with white background lighting, text-orientated user guide. Operating and display languages: choice of German/English/ French, freely selectable units of measurement. Measuring range 99,999...– 9.999 (Start and end values as well as comma position are fully adjustable) Linearity ±0,1 % of measuring range Resolution 10 Bit, decimal point fully adjustable Response time < 0,2 secs., filter facility Operating temperature range Ambient: -10 °C/+55 °C Supply voltage AC 50–253 V DC...

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Digital Indication and Control Instrument VarioFox - 4

LEVEL PRessure LEVEL Temper ature LEVEL SWITCHING Gas analySIS HydroFox DMU 08 VibraFox GVG 12 PulsFox PMG 01 DMU 03 / DA 06 WTh 30 Sensors for free-flowing solids, liquids and gases VarioFox, in conjunction with the appropriate electronic transducers (e.g. pressure, temperature, level, humidity, ...), level switches or gas analysers, provides the user with a stand-alone, completely independent measurement and control system for the indication, control and evaluation of process data. Applications range from measurements in containers, tanks, wells, bore holes, rivers and water treatment...

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Digital Indication and Control Instrument VarioFox - 5

Measurement in a grain silo using PMG, VarioFox and EMS. Complete system solutions for measurement, control, monitoring and recording Our times demand the application of high-tech communication technologies in logistics, manufacturing and maintenance processes. Complex processes have to be run at an optimum performance level and, at the same time, they are under enormous cost pressures. It is not always essential to have highly elaborate control systems in order to optimize a process. With the VarioFox Indication and Control Instrument, AFRISO offers a cost effective and flexible solution...

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Ident-Nr. 991517 15226 07/09 For detailed information please request a CD-ROM copy of our full catalogue under AFRISO, founded in 1869 by Adalbert Fritz in Schmiedefeld/Thuringia, Germany, is an innovative, medium sized privately owned family company with some 900 employees world-wide – 475 of which work in our four German factory locations. Traditionally, we produce measurement and control instruments for temperature and pressure. For more than 50 years now, we also produce measurement, control and monitoring instruments for environmental protection: • Level...

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