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Environmental Protection Measuring. Controlling. Monitoring.

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AFRISO management (from left to right): Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Günther Blasinger, Matthias Blasinger, Jürgen Fritz, Dipl.-VW Elmar Fritz, Dr. Ing. Ulrich Aldinger More than 145 years of AFRISO – inspiration from tradition. When sustainability broadens horizons Adalbert Fritz bestowed not only his name on our com- in which we can offer our market partners competitively pany, but also the fundamental principles of its mission priced series products as well as customised solutions today: responsibility and social competence. Today, even after more than 145 years, this still sets the stand- The care...

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We fit the common conception of a family business in the best sense. Thinking and planning are for the long term. Elmar Fritz Managing Director Administration

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The heart of our brand: Reliability, flexibility and independence. What we stand for AFRISO monitors, controls and protects the elements fire, water, earth and air – in the broadest sense. On the one hand, these elements symbolically stand for the relief and protection of the environment – and on the other, they illustrate our fields of activity: Our corporate culture is marked by a sense of responsi- Energy savings bility. We want our employees to be content here with us. Groundwater protection The activities and diverse projects within the framework Resource protection of the “Beruf und...

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Going against the general trend, we achieve an extraordinary degree of vertical integration. With attention paid to robust processes, this makes us fast, flexible and independent. Jürgen Fritz Managing Director Production

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When “no-go” is no more. We rise to every challenge Thinking proactively, thinking forward, being creative. This all goes without saying for the AFRISO team. The team comes up with possible solutions to “impossible” Plastic injection moulding challenges in a way which is flexible, cost-aware, on schedule and fast yet careful. Punching and deep drawing Efficient project management, state-of-the-art production processes and quality policies that work guarantee top- Electronic production notch process reliability. Cable and hose assembly Tool and equipment making Turning, milling and drilling...

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A wide range of products ensures that we remain independent of market fluctuations and enables us to be a strong partner for our customers. Günther Blasinger Managing Director from 1971 to 2009

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Appropriate, convincing solutions for a wide variety of applications. We know your industry AFRISO is at home wherever there is measuring, control- plications as well as our knowledge of the requirements ling or monitoring required. As a full-range manufacturer, in the individual markets make us a reliable partner in we offer our customers a broad product portfolio from a your industry. We know what is necessary as a result of single source. A wealth of experience from numerous ap- our many years as a supplier in the OEM business and Building technology The subject of saving energy has been...

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our intensive contact with standardisation committees, ers’ processes simpler, safer and more competitive. In associations and guilds. We tap our employees’ know- process technology, in building technology or facilities – how and expertise in the industry to make our custom- you benefit with a strong partner at your side. Process technology Reliability, precision and a long service life are crucial AFRISO solutions meet strict directives and standards. when it comes to highly automated processes. Our ro- Certificates for food-quality materials, explosion protec- bust measuring devices...

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Solar pump groups Hydraulic balancing Tank contents indicators Distribution systems PTC thermistor type level sensors Domestic water system centre Alarm devices / Leak detectors Tanks. Heating. Water Technology. The slogan “Making Heating Systems Safe” is backed Mechanical and pneumatic level indicators by a wide range of products for building technology. Overfill alarm systems/level controllers Irrespective of whether the heating system uses regen- Leak indicators/leak monitoring systems erative energy or fossil fuels. Inner tank linings This extensive portfolio also includes a large...

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Pressure gauges Level indicators and controllers Digital pressure gauges Diaphragm seals Pressure transducer Piston type diaphragm seals Thermometers Complete range – unbe Pressure. Temperature. Level. In addition to our comprehensive range of mechanical Pressure gauges and electronic pressure, temperature and level instru- Accessories for pressure gauges ments, we also offer suitable mounting and installation Diaphragm seals accessories as well as display, control and evaluation Pressure transducers Bimetal thermometers and gas-filled thermometers AFRISO measuring instruments cover the...

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SYSTEM SOLUTION Measuring devices for pressure/temperature Measuring devices for flue gas analysis atable performance Gas analysis The BlueLine series is the perfect solution for official measurements, adjustment, servicing, maintenance and repair work. You benefit from an optimally tuned Portable measuring instruments, analysers and test equipment range of measuring instruments which is continuously setting new standards – from basic devices all the way Stationary gas analysis systems to portable all-in-one flue gas analysers. Emission measurement technology AFRISO supports solutions to...

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Complex assemblies made of plastic Customer-specific fittings Custom distribution systems Special designs and system solutions In addition to this comprehensive range of standard- Adapted to your specific requirements ised, proven off-the-shelf products, we also offer cus- Housing geometry tomised special products made exactly to your require- ments. We are constantly setting new standards with Mechanical or electrical connections innovative concepts, e.g. using plastic fittings instead of Pre-assembled, tested, ready-to-connect assemblies metal ones or a combination of plastic and brass...

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