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WOODHANDLING Transporting, turning, swivelling: Intelligent vacuum lifting technology for the wood working and furniture industry.

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NO UPPER LIMIT: THE VACUUM LIFTING DEVICE FOR WOOD PLATES The AERO-PORO is perfect for furniture manufacturing, joinery, carpentry, any kind of woodworking or woodtrading companies where sheets or panels have to be moved regularly. With this device, you can effortlessly lift panels up to approx. 5.10 x 2.50 m with only one person - regardless whether these panels are permeable to air or airtight. Suction/Release/Swivel with ergonomic handle with lifting magnet [Article No. 1030782] Suction/Release/Swivel - radio controlled with height-adjustable handle with latch pin [Article No. 1030783]...

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• Recommended wherever there is a need to transport or swivel large, heavy and air-permeable panels, e.g. panel boards, MDF, HDF or OSB boards, solid wood panels, multiplex panels, hard wood boards, prefabricated wooden parts, gypsum fibreboard, polystyrene boards, plastic boards and much more. • Thanks to flexible installation to various cranes and rail systems you are able to use your existing infrastructure. • An extendible and curved control handle guarantees an ergonomic position of the worker and a good view onto the item. • On grounds of the high-capacity vacuum blower...

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AERO TIMBER ITS POWER LAYS IN THE LENGTH: THE VACUUM LIFTING DEVICE FOR PLANKS The AERO-TIMBER is designed for long material up to approx. 13 m in length and approx. 48 cm in width, e.g. glued-laminated timber, solid structural timber, rough sawn beams, but also unedged wood. Due to the three individually lockable chambers in each suction plate frames from only 8 cm in width and not-edged wood with core cracks in the middle of the board can be lifted. Suction/Release radio controlled [Article No. 1030785] or Suction/Release/Crane radio controlled [Article No. 1030786] Suction/Release radio...

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• Recommended for the handling of long and heavy joists and planks, e.g. wood laminate beams, wooden elements and block planks - no matter if the material is solid structured, rough or has cracks. • The vacuum lifting device AERO-TIMBER minimizes risks such as material damages and staff's injuries, even in the case of transporting heavy, bulky an overlong wood material. • A pull-out operating handle ensures that the worker always has an optimum view on the workpiece and an ergonomic working position. • The lockable, three-chamber suction plates assure that planks of various widths and...

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VACUUM TUBE LIFTERS PRESERVES PEOPLE AND MATERIALS: WOODHANDLING WITH VACUUM TUBE LIFTERS Wood is an extremely sensitive material that must be handled with care in order to prevent scratches or damages, regardless of its stage of processing. The vacuum tube lifters from AERO-LIFT do not only help to preserve materials but also protect your employees, improve the flow of materials and therefore creates an added value. • ecommended for wooden panels, worktops, lumber R (edged or not edged), tabletops, coreboards, joists, laminates and much more. • andling materials with vacuum is highly...

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TECHNICAL VARIATIONS Vacuum tube lifter for horizontal transport Vacuum tube lifter pneumatic 90°-swivelling

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VACUUM GRIPPER MOVING LARGE QUANTITIES IN NO TIME: FLEXIBLE HANDLING WITH VUSS This latest generation of vacuum gripper with a patented vacuum valve system also allows for handling various goods or wooden elements with cut-outs or recesses without requiring any changeover. • Recommended for work pieces with holes and slots such as stair cases or pallets as well as for lifting and moving of several goods at the same time. Evenmore boards, planks or pieces of furniture - unpacked or in boxes - are moved with vacuum gripper systems. • maximum of flexibility – the system lifts various objects A...

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INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS SWIVELLING AND TURNING LIFTERS Be it manually swivelling up to 90° by means of pneumatic vacuum generation and the ecomatic automated energy-saving module or continuously variable turning up to 180°. Thanks to the electric motor, the swivelling and turning lifters from AERO-LIFT do not only make moving objects easy but also enable to process both sides. Whether checking both sides of a panel for damage during quality control or applying veneer to both sides of wooden panels, the AERO-LIFT turning lifters make these tasks as easy as winking. Panels weighing several...

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LIFTING, MOVING, BENEFITTING: AERO-LIFT PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT When it comes to safe lifting and moving, AERO-LIFT is the first choice of many skilled tradespeople and construction companies. Our solutions are deployed on construction sites worldwide, where they ensure safe, efficient work conditions. Founded in 1992 our focus has always been on know-how and quality German engineering - and you can count on this advantage for years to come. More robust and more versatile than ever before: CLAD-BOY 2.0. The CLAD-BOY 2.0 is extremely easy to operate by remote control. It can lift and move...

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WE ARE HERE FOR YOU: AERO-LIFT SALES INTERNATIONAL Represented in over thirty countries: Supporting you all over the world. Find your local AERO-LIFT sales partner now: Our worldwide sales network of local field representatives and trade partners ensures quick and competent information and advice - wherever you are. Locate your nearest AERO-LIFT sales partner in the map below or use the QR-code to our website and find your local contact person. distribution-partner/international/ sales partner AERO-LIFT locations

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> AERO-LIFT vacuum lifting devices are designed and built in compliance with the applicable safety standards according to EN 13155 and ASME B30 and are tested and documented according to the applicable accident prevention regulations BGR 500 and the machinery directive 2006/42/EG, annex II A. > The final acceptance tests are carried out in compliance with VDE 0113 and EN 60204. > offer to determine the maximum load-bearing capacity for your very We special cargo by a representative sample test at AERO-LIFT. > welding work is carried out according to the applicable standards in a All...

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