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Installation Channel frame installation Exhaust frame construction The Pad frame installation The Pad filter support installation

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Mr. Erhard Charles Andreae, 55 years old, an independent mechanical engineer in the field of surface treatment for 25 years, patents a particle filter for paint booths, collapsible, disposable, made of cardboard and operating on the principle of inertia separation. Andreae Filters is founded. The manufacture is done by hand in a garage with a worker at a rate of 6 m2 per day. E-C. Andreae sells door to door in Switzerland. Mr Robert Andreae purchases Andreae Filters. The production tool of Andreae Filters is modernized and the internal organization improved. Andreae Filters Inventors since...

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Airflow enters the retention pockets and travels all the way through the twists and turns of the unique design of our accordion filter. Why choose Andreae Filters ? Separation by Inertia How does it work? Filtration is not restricted to capturing particles with a succession of wider to smaller meshed apertures. Our ingenious filters use another principle: separation by inertia. The migration phenomenon is common when slowdrying coatings are used in combination with mesh or fiberglass filters. This happens when the airflow pulls out particles previously trapped in the mesh or fiberglass....

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Which filter is the best for your application ? s{?

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Andreae Design Rigid Structure Load [kg / m2] [lbs / sqft] Lacquers 10kg / m2 2lbs / sqft Lacquers High solids Polyester Bi-Components Reference Filter Since over 50 years now, the Andreae Original has been the reference filter on the market. It remains the most universal and common filter in use. Our Original is made with 2 layers of heavy “kraft” paper, punched, pleated and glued together with 2 built-in extension limiters. Thanks to these limiters, the maximum load capacity is guaranteed. The Original is the filter for all paint types. The Andreae Starter is a low intensity filter...

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High Efficiency Rigid Structure Polyester Layer High Efficiency The Andreae HC Filter has a loading capacity up to 5 times higher than any other filter type on the market. Its unigue structure allows for more paint deposit areas and a more even and in depth paint loading. The HC is made with 2 layers of heavy "kraft" paper, punched, pleated and glued together with additional large paper strips on the front to offer a higher load capacity. The Andreae HE Filter will bring a filtration efficiency near 100% while keeping the high loading capacity of the Andreae Original filter. The HE is made...

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Rigid Structure Fiberglass Layer Rigid Structure The Andreae HH filter has a higher filtration efficiency while keeping low airflow resistance. This means the filter lasts longer, ensuring a reduction in maintenance costs. The HH is made out of 2 layers of heavy “kraft” paper punched, pleated and glued together, completed with a fiberglass layer increasing both the filter’s holding capacity and filtration efficiency. Lacquers High solids Polyester Bi-Components Polyester Layer The Andreae HP filter combines the performances of the High Capacity and the High Efficiency filters. The HP is...

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Height Length Surface Brown

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Channel frame installation 1 Exhaust frame construction Three simple elements constitute the Andreae Filter frame: Cut filter length to fit frame opening: Count marks to length the frame opening and cut. (i.e. 10 ft wide frame opening, count 10 marks and cut on the 10th mark; i.e. 3m wide frame opening, count 9 marks and 6 pleats, then cut). Outside height 1 1/2 (3,81 cm) width 3’’ (7,62 cm), Length as To cut, slide knife under pleat (and polyester if cutting the HE). After knife is in position, firmly grasp the filter and lift knife. Gather filter: Gather filter into a tight accordion for...

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The Pad filter support installation Front view cell frame Andreae Wire Supports is necessary for the installation of Andreae pad Straight tines behind the filter frame size filters: 20 x 20 inch and 20 x 25 inch (50 x 50 cm and 50 x 63.5 cm). An initial adjustment of the wire supports is required for proper fit. Insert two straight tines behind the filter frame. (Frame shown depicts a cell opening in an existing spray booth exhaust bank.). Over bend wires to allow 1/8 in (0.32 cm) gap between wire support The straight tines must run vertically in order to be able to extend properly the...

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OUR MISSION AEREM focuses on its customers and partners needs in the finishing industry. Every relationship is a privileged partnership based on professionalism, dialog and trust. Delivering the best service with performant, environmentally friendly quality products easy to dispose of is our commitment since 1963. AEREMs ambition is to affirm its position by becoming an international multi-brand company focused on the global finishing industry with a wide variety of renowned and innovative filtration and protection products. Please, visit the toolbox section on our website for all your...

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CANADA 5000 Rue Hickmore Saint-Laurent, QC H4T 1K6 Tel: +1 514-375-7100 SWITZERLAND Rue du Jeu de L’Arc 15 CH - 1207 Geneve Tel: +41 21 869 93 63 VIETNAM Workshop No. 54, road No. 1-7 Long Thanh Industrial Zone Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province Tel: +84-251-352-6688 POLAND ul. Lubczynska 6 F PL - 70-895 Szczecin HONG-KONG 20th Floor, Euro Trade Center 21-23 Des Voeux Road Central Tel: +852 2824 8156

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