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/ PATA Interface /SATA Interface / PCIe Interface /USB Interface /SD Card Adwntech Enabling an Intelligent Planet

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About SQFlash-The Perfect Storage Solution Based on our embedded market insights accumulated over decades, we developed SQFlash – the perfect industrial storage solution with a full range of product support and value-added services. Advantech SQFlash was designed with industrial operation in mind and provides highly reliable flash memory solutions with excellent compatibility, performance and security. Designing your application with SQFlash will decrease integration effort significantly and increase overall system stability. Advantech SQFlash Features High Durability with Leading Flash...

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Advantech SQFlash provides a full range of storage products including: CF, DOM, CFast, mSATA, Half-slim and 2.5” SSD. Besides traditional flash storage products, Advantech extents the depth of its product portfolio and launches the Micro SSD line for small form factor systems. Also, a brand new PCIe line offers ultimate performance for server applications. Smart & Quality Memory Solutions Full Range SQFlash Industrial Storage Selection Value-Added Software Services and Package SQFlash security and software package To implement security functions on flash storage or the host system always...

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SQFlash is all about Security Complete Data Security Solution with Unique Software Solid state drives are the place where we store all our data, which means most security requirements are directly related to that storage. SQFlash utility is a software package developed by Advantech that provides various security functions for flash storage with a friendly UI for users to manage their SQFlash modules. Chip Encryption Integrated high security internal encryption Advantech SQFlash supports flash drive internal encryption by utilizing an AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) chip, which encrypts...

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Protects your unique software application IP Smart & Quality Memory Solutions Software Protection The Security ID function implements a checking mechanism between the customer’s software and flash storage, so users can protect their application knowing that it will only be executable on specific SQFlash models. The maximum Security ID length is up to 256 bytes so users can define their own security strings. C# programming sample code is also available from the SQFlash utility for your reference. Data Security Protects data from unauthorized modification or access Write Protection This...

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Product Information SQFlash Selection Table PATA Model Name SATA 530 / 630 - Embedded Storage Series ♦ Model Name Model Name

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Model Name USB & SD Card Model Name SATA T1 & PCIe T1 Model Name Smart & Quality Memory Solutions

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SQFlash Family Introduction 2015 New SQFlash Family IntroductionAdvantech Micro SSD Onboard Storage SolutionThe best implementation of secure storage Embedded applications nowadays need to be slim with low power consumption, and they also require a higher standard of security and performance. The latest SQFlash Micro SSD solution from Advantech is the answer to this trend. Micro SSD is empowered with exactly the same controller technology of SQFlash 630 series, and packs it into a single chip solution with Flash IC wafer inside. So Micro SSD shares all the powerful features with other...

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Faster with higher reliability Reliability is the greatest concern for server storage administrators. SQFlash debuts its sever SSD line with the latest technology to offer the most stable performance with the highest endurance. Furthermore, for applications with unstable power supplies, SQFlash also features a super capacitor design to stabilize the power input. SQFlash T1 series server grade SSD is available in SATA 6.0Gb and PCIe Gen. III x4 interfaces with popular form factors such as 2.5", SFF-8639, MiniPCIe, and M.2. Smart & Quality Memory Solutions Advantech Server Grade Storage...

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Application Story Industrial Flash Module with Security ID for POS System Point-of-sale systems were first used in the retail industry as a way to speed up customer transactions. When products or services are sold, the sell price, quantity and trading details are transferred to a back-end system via front-end facilities that typically include a computer, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, and credit card processing device. As they increase in popularity, POS systems are being designed to handle more and more functions, from sales and returns, to customer spending...

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In the United States, the legal gambling industry comprises about 500 casinos and hotels, with a total annual revenue of around $90 billion. People go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City for entertainment and fun, visiting many different kinds of casinos. The casinos offer various types of games, such as video poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette and many others, but the most popular game is still the slot machine. On average, each casino pays around US$20 million in taxes annually. The gaming industry helps drive local economies and has become an important source of income for government as...

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3 years longevity Global technical and logistic service • Unique and strict production quality control • < 0.5% fail rate In-house design Only first tier Flash IC used Regional Service & Customization Centers China Kunshan 86-512-5777-5666 Worldwide Offices Greater China China Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen Chengdu Hong Kong Taiwan Neihu Xindian Taichung Kaohsiung Asia Pacific Japan Tokyo Osaka Korea Seoul Singapore Singapore France Paris Italy Milano Benelux & Nordics Americas North America Cincinnati Milpitas Irvine Mexico Mexico Brazil Sao Paulo Indonesia...

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