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Control IPC in Smart Factories APAX-5580 Control IPC is an industry modular IPC, it is a PC-based control platform with comprehensive I/O modules, communication ports and control software for choice. It is particularly designed for integrating Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) to take advantage of the trend in Industry 4.0 and realize smart factories in MES Integration & Production Traceability, Machine Automation, Equipment Monitoring & Optimization and Factory Environment Monitoring applications. Machine Controiler • Fieldbus support and complete I/O modules...

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MES Integration & Production Traceability Smart Factories Data Gateway All-in-one design with computing, I/O and communication . integrated for easy configuration and rational wiring .Real-time data acquisition and information display .Compact Size and robust design for adapting to specific sites .PC-based platform for satisfy diverse software application needs Smart Factories Applications .Readiness I/O modules to suit all types of environmental monitoring sensors in the factory .Distributed I/O design to collect wide area data and simplify the system building and troubleshootin

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Control IPC Control IPC : APAX-5000 Series Advantech’s Control IPC is a powerful control platform for loT and other industrial automation applications. Its computing power and different types of standard high speed communication interface make big data processing and decentralized architecture possible. Users can easily add their own vertical application software with the Control IPC and implement the system in automation field sites. B Reduce Data Acquisition Loading • EtherIO Technology for I/O access • Modular APAX I/O module • Distributed topology and decentralized comport Scalable...

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CODESYS High Performance Control IPC Stable Automation Platform • mSATA as the primary disk for anti-vibration • UPS to avoid unexpected power shut down • System backup and one key recover • Hardware status monitoring APAX-5580 By providing the latest Intel CPU inside, the high computing power, rich connectivity and I/O control system can be done by one platform. It brings the new description of the next generation control platform. APAX-5620 It occupy two slots brings more serial interfaces and Ethernet ports and even two CANBus ports. It means users have more chances to design more...

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PAC APAX Series Control-IPC New Automation Platform for Smart Factories For the Industrial IoT, computing and connectivity are both key features of the automation controller. Big data processing and the capacity to connect with other devices or sensors will become the baseline of an IoT control platform. Real-time H/W Monitoring A stable platform is the most important thing in automation sites. As soon as there’s an LAN abnormal situation on the system, users can take action and avoid any unexpected errors at the beginning. Advantech’s Control IPC can monitor CPU load, system voltage and...

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Sustainability Maintains data availability • RTC accuracy : 2mins/year • 10 year lifetime battery Security Ensures system dependability with internal interfaces • Inner SD slot for system backup • Internal USB for S/W dongle Telecommunication Ensures data is processed locally and bridges the remote server • SIM slot and mini PCI express for cellular communica

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SoftLogic Software and Utility IEC 61131-3 SoftLogic Control CODESYS • Programming languages according to IEC 61131-3 standard • Controllers can be configured and operated using a Web server via intranet or Internet • Available in multiple languages and free to download from the CODESYS website The CODESYS engineering tool is a de-facto standard widely implemented in OEM products. The Logic support and integration with the Human Interface makes CODESYS ideal for use in many different applications in the market; from machine automation, factory automation, building automation, facility,...

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PC-based Programming Software VS.NET Development Environment C/C++ and .NET library • Complete PC-based open platform • Multiple built-in libraries for industrial tasks to shorten development time • Various C/C++ and .NET examples for reference APAX-5000 series offers a complete PC-based open platform with Application Programming Interface (API). With C/C++ libraries and .NET class libraries provided by Advantech, programmers can develop their own programs for industrial control and automation tasks, involving I/O control, communication, SQL and scheduling. Plenty of C/C++ and .NET examples...

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PAC - APAX Series Hardware Architectures & Design Flexible System Architectures To simplify the system configuration, Advantech’s APAX series provides an easy and flexible way to setup different functions and configurations. There are multiple APAX series system combinations that can be selected to develop reliable control systems as detailed below. Robust Power System Controller Platform Not only the single option of the power input, APAX provide the power redundancy and UPS to make our controller have the highest reliability in automation field. Deliver fast computing, powerful...

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User-friendly Modules Design Real-time Local Bus: EtherIO APAX I/O local bus adopts raeal-time I/O access methodology to ensure deterministic control with real-time performance. Contributed by the EtherIO driver technology which handles I/O data process with less CPU resource, the I/O scan rate can be maintained within 1 ms, offering time deterministic I/O. The I/O processing is running on the kernel mode, and user’s program can get the data through simple API. All these deliver real-time performance regardless of the number of I/O points. Programmers can concentrate on their application...

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