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Advantech Power & Energy Automation Computers Robust Products for a Variety of Power and Energy Applications Introduction Features and Functions Smart Substation Solutions Selection Guide

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Advantech Power Automation Computers Product Features IEC 61850-3 Certification Products with IEC 61850-3 Certification meet the smart substation’s station and bay level. Time Synchronization Functionality with IRIG-B IRIG-B is an important time synchronization mode that ensures efficient and reliable communication between power automation systems. Ethernet Redundancy Ethernet redundancy ensures communication is maintained if one Ethernet port fails thereby avoiding loss of data. 2500VAC Isolation with Serial Port Easy Diagnosis and Software Security Protection Isolation separates ports so...

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Robust Products for a Variety of Power and Energy Applications Advantech’s powerful TUV certified ECU-4784 Embedded PC has been specifically designed to meet to the critical requirements of power automation. IEC-61850-3 and IEEE1613 certification demonstrates the ECU-4784 suitability for electrical power communication protocol conversion, intelligent remote data analysis, network communications security and comprehensive monitoring applications, which provides higher reliability and stability, specially suitable for global power automation, energy automation and harsh environments. Flexible...

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Application Smart Substation Solution SCADA Application In the Smart Substation field, it’s very important to be able to remotely monitor substation devices from a supervisory center. High performance computing platforms can easily integrate the HMI/DATA collection, data monitoring, environmental status, which helps operators accurately evaluate their devices’ status and take action. Application Requirements • Reliable IEC 61850-3 certification • High-performance computing platform • AMT/TPM Cyber Security for Smart Grids There are different grades of network protection priorities in a...

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, UNOP-1514C 4-port Fiber Optic LAN Card

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Worldwide Offices Greater China China Toll Free Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen Chengdu Hong Kong Taiwan Toll Free Rueiguang Yang Guang Xindian Taichung Kaohsiung Adwntech Asia Pacific Japan Toll Free Tokyo Osaka Korea Toll Free Seoul Singapore Singapore Indonesia Jakarta Thailand Bangkok India Pune Bangalore Australia Toll Free Melbourne Sydney Enabling an Intelligent Planet Europe Germany Toll Free Munich Hilden/D'dorf France Paris Italy Milano Benelux & Nordics Breda UK Reading Poland Warsaw Russia Moscow St. Petersburg Americas North America Toll Free Cincinnati Milpitas Irvine Brazil Toll...

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