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IoT-focused Motherboards & Systems - 1

IoT-focused Industrial Motherboards & Systems UTX & Systems Mini-ITX & Systems MicroATX ATX Vertical Focused Platforms One-Stop Integrated Solutions

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IoT-focused Motherboards & Systems - 2

Advantech Industrial Motherboards and Systems Easily Integrated, Flexible Development for Internet-of-Things Applications Industrial motherboards are a mature form factor that have been used in the IPC field for many years because they offer greater reliability, longer lifetime support and strict revision control which ensures a high ROI. Embedded developers are presented with many similar product choices in the market, so we at Advantech keep thinking of how to offer more valuable embedded features that really help customers achieve their specific embedded application goals. Particularly...

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IoT-focused Motherboards & Systems - 3

With the rise of loT, managing large quantities of equipment and devices through cloud technology has become a fundamental feature. In order to satisfy the real needs of applications, Advantech provides powerful, yet simple management software services in SUSIAccess, making it easier to manage your IoT devices. SUSIAccess features remote management functions and incorporates system security from McAfee and back-up recovery from Acronis to help customers centralize monitoring and management of remote embedded devices in real-time. susiAccess/%u»< SUSIAccess features remote device monitoring...

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IoT-focused Motherboards & Systems - 4

Innovative Hardware Design Industrial Motherboards are favored and widely used by System Integrators in many embedded applications. However, traditional Industrial Motherboards have limitations such as fitting into low-profile enclosures or space-critical applications. But Advantech has managed to optimize Industrial Motherboard design with tailor-made component placement and connectivity while keeping traditional industrial motherboard functionality, thereby providing the most flexibility for enclosure designers to make their embedded system small and attractive. What's more, Advantech...

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IoT-focused Motherboards & Systems - 5

Ultra Compact Design Product Highlight UTX-3115 Fanless & Wide-temp Embedded Box Computer To facilitate IoT deployment, Advantech introduces the new UTX-3115 gateway to its family. A prerequisite for IoT gateways is designed-in flexibility to support a range of functions, which has limited the effectiveness of existing systems with monolithic architectures. Consequently, ad hoc hardware and software components are often added to networking equipment, such as routers, resulting in disjointed systems that are incapable of providing the optimized security, management, and development...

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IoT-focused Motherboards & Systems - 6

Thin Mini-ITX Design Design Concept Thin and low profile Mini-ITX design to fulfill space-limited applications without sacrificing Mini-ITX’s expansion capability and thermal reliability. Design Features Industrial Motherboards Optimized Placement and Connectivity •• One-deck I/O for sufficient expansion possibilities •• Independent displays supported with Intel HD Graphics •• Lower power design with deep sleep support for energy saving and power efficiency. Fits into Low-profile Enclosure •• Fanless heatsink or slim cooler design •• Low profile IO design with 25mm max. height Slim panel...

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IoT-focused Motherboards & Systems - 7

Application Story What Does Your Truck Fleet tell you? UTX-3115 Fanless & Wide-temp Embedded Box Computer Sensor Sensor •• Intel® Atom™ Dual Core E3826 & E3815 processor •• Supports 1 x COM port, 1 x HDMI, 1 x micro HDMI, 1 x USB3.0 and 2 x USB 2.0 ports •• Wide operating temperature -20 ~ 60° C support •• Palm-size form factor: 138.5(W) x 35.98(H) x 116.4(D) mm •• CE/FCC/UL/CB/GCF/PTCRB/3C certified Sensor Introduction Traditional cold storage tracking systems monitor the temperature of the refrigerated container with an electronic recorder. Now an IoT-powered monitoring system requires...

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IoT-focused Motherboards & Systems - 8

Application Story Thin Low Power Motherboard for Space-critical Nursing Cart Application Mini-ITX AIMB-230 •• Intel® Core™ i5-4300U and Intel® Celeron 2980U i7-4650U/i3-4010U •• Dual Channel DDR3L 1600 MHz SO-DIMM, up to 16 GB •• Multiple display I/O supports versatile Tri display functions for eDP/LVDS, DP/HDMI, and DP++ AIMB-B1000 Slim Mini-ITX Chassis Industrial Motherboards •• Ultra Thin design with 35mm in height •• Easy opening design, quick installation for additional peripherals •• Locking type DC power jack Mobile nursing carts that optimize the patient care process and make...

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IoT-focused Motherboards & Systems - 9

Thin Embedded System for Digital Signage Mini-ITX AIMB-215 •• Intel Celeron Quad Core J1900/N2930 ••Two 204-pin SO-DIMM up to 8 GB DDR3L 1333 MHz SDRAM ••1 PCIE x1 and 2 mini-PCIE expansion slot, 6 COMs, 7 USB2.0, and 1 USB 3.0 ••VGA/DP1.2 /24-bit dual channel LVDS AIMB-T1000 Thin Mini-ITX Chassis •• Ultra Thin design with 43mm in height •• Easy opening design, quick installation for additional peripherals •• Locking type DC power jack Digital signage is very popular and widely adopted in convenience stores, department stores, airport, exhibition halls, restaurants. Therefore, easy...

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IoT-focused Motherboards & Systems - 10

Industrial Motherboards UTX is a new form factor that was co-developed with Intel in 2013. The UTX form factor is 112 mm 117 mm wide by 112mm depth with max. connectivity, low power consumption with wide temp. and fanless design in a palm size motherboard.

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IoT-focused Motherboards & Systems - 11

iManager 2.1 for Operating System Independent Hardware Control/Monitoring • Simplified integration • Enhanced system reliability • Secure system • Easy configuration Designed with rich functionality and solid performance in a small footprint, the highly integrated Mini-ITX motherboard platform features low power consumption of less than 100 Watts and a single basic expansion slot. The Thin Mini-ITX series is only 25 mm in height with low power features that are ideal for universal applications.

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IoT-focused Motherboards & Systems - 12

Industrial Motherboards Hardware Features • Multi-HDMI with CEC • Ultra-slim signage box Suggested Models • AIMB-215 • AIMB-201 • AIMB-230 • AIMB-231 Software Features • Scheduling power on/off • • Display brightness control • Content delivery Remote monitoring System recovery (Acronis) Model Name

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