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IoT-Enabled ARM-Based Platforms Enhanced Software Packages and Integration Services H/W & S/W Design-in Services Peripheral Integration Services COM Modules: RTX, Qseven, SMARC Low power SBCs Box Computers IoT Gateway Solutions

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Leading RISC Technology Advantech has been working with RISC technology for over 10 years beginning with MIPS. We design products for many different RISC platforms, from ARM 7 to Cortex-A8 and Cortex-A73. We maintain a leading role in the ARM market and we promise to continuously provide quality and performance industrial grade computing solutions to RISC platform users. Advantech’s RISC products will bring ubiquitous, cost effective and power saving solutions that improve people’s lives in 21st century. Comprehensive RISC Platforms We have dozens of products for various target markets and...

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Advantech has recently been building partnerships with different partners in different markets. We ally not only with chip vendors but also with software partners, peripheral designers, system integrators and solution providers. Our partnerships make it simple and quick to innovate a new application and benefit from global support and product distribution. We help partners with customization and specialization, and they push us become the most capable, powerful hardware platform provider in the RISC market. IoT-Enabled ARM-Based Platforms Excellence in Partner Innovation Ecosystem Partners...

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Advantech Software Services To simplify the hardware and software integration process and accelerate application development, Advantech offers software design-in services for all Advantech RISC computing platforms to assist customers with system integration. Seamless RISC Integration Services for Rapid Application Development With a dedicated service team and complete documentation and reference guides, customers can easily integrate their own application with our hardware platforms. Furthermore, with Advantech's specialized SUSI API software suite, it’s easier to implement customized...

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Bootloader and BSP To customize your operating system, we offer optimized kernel and drivers for performance enhancement. Multiple bootup selection and secure boot protection bring more flexibility to application design and the reference codes speed up the process of peripheral integration. To enhance the feasibility of application development, we provide various operating systems with full toolchain for Advantech bootloader, plus OS updates and customization service. For application development and verification, we also offer testing tools and a design guide for the corresponding OS...

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IoT Enabled ARM-Based Platforms - 6

Trusted Peripheral Integration Most industrial-grade product users face the same challenge of product longevity. For the motherboard and PC, they can count on Advantech’s industrial grade products but for certain peripheral devices, consumer grade products are the only option but don’t last as long or provide product lifecycle longevity support. So Advantech provides customers with robust long-life peripherals including industrial grade display solutions, storage modules and embedded wireless modules. With thorough function verification, compatibility and reliability testing, we can provide...

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IoT Enabled ARM-Based Platforms - 7

Advantech Wireless Module Solutions Advantech Wireless Module Solutions include Wifi modules, 3G/4G and GPS modules, which combine our versatile embedded modules with Linux and Android drivers for worry-free integration and faster time to market. Advantech Storage Solutions Advantech Storage Modules include SSD, mSATA, CF and SD cards. We provide reliable wide-temperature storage modules with proven compatibility. SMART Flash Lock Write Protect Emergency Erase Flash Vault 15" LED panel 1024x768(G) with 5W R-touch 15" LED panel 1024x768(G) with PCAP touch 7" LED PANEL 400N with 4WR touch,...

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IoT Enabled ARM-Based Platforms - 8

Advantech ARM-based Computer-on-Module Most RISC platform developers know that software development is often more difficult than hardware development. It takes a lot of time to develop the board with every function and the cost as ever increases. As a result, Advantech RISC Computer-on-Module (COM) might be your best choice to save cost and extra effort. We provide a board support package, driver and a reference design ready solution. So there’s no need for additional effort on memory calibration and driver adjustments, all the key parameters are well-verified and fine-tuned with examples...

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IoT Enabled ARM-Based Platforms - 9

▪▪Camera ▪▪PCIe ▪▪GBE ▪▪USB ▪▪TTL ▪▪SD ▪▪eMMC ▪▪SPI ▪▪GPIO ▪▪SATA ▪▪LVDS ▪▪HDMI ▪▪CANbus ▪▪UART ▪▪I2S IoT-Enabled ARM-Based Platforms Advantech introduced the RTX 2.0 (RISC Technology eXtended) specification which is a RISC standard platform designed for rugged applications. Through its innovative mechanical and electrical design, products designed with RTX 2.0 can perform in complex and challenging environments such as military, logistics, transportation / fleet management, and many other industrial applications. ▪▪TI Sitara AM335x Cortex-A8 1GHz Single core ▪▪NXP i.MX6 Cortex-A9 1GHz...

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IoT Enabled ARM-Based Platforms - 10

Target-Focused SBCs Advantech RISC Single Board Computer (SBC Computer) series range from 2.5 inches (100x72mm) to mini-ITX (170x170mm). These embedded computers come in standard form factors in compact sizes and rich I/O, extremely low power consumption and easy expansion capabilities. Cloud Computing Signage & Kiosk Optimized I/O for Vertical Market All Advantech SBCs are designed specifically for vertical applications including signage, kiosks, industrial control and automation. The I/O specifications are optimized to enhance the performance of the boards and reduce additional cost. In...

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IoT Enabled ARM-Based Platforms - 11

IoT-Enabled ARM-Based Platforms ▪▪Intel Quark X1000 400MHz Single Core ▪▪Intel Quark X1000 400MHx Single Core ▪▪Cost effective IoT gateway solution ▪▪Yocto Linux Support ▪▪Yocto Linux Support ▪▪NXP i.MX6 Cortex-A9 1GHZ Dual/Quad core ▪▪NXP i.MX6 Cortex-A9 1GHZ Dual/ Quad core ▪▪High resolution 3-display support ▪▪Rich I/O for device connection and control ▪▪Embedded Linux/Yocto Linux/ Android Support ▪▪Android/Yocto Linux support ▪▪NXP i.MX53x Cortex-A8 800MHz Single Core ▪▪TI Sitara AM3352 Cortex-A8 1GHz Single Core ▪▪TI Sitara AM3358 Cortex-A8 1GHz Single Core ▪▪Wide temperature and wide...

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