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Intelligent Video Transportation Optimizing On-Road Traffic Management WebAccess/IVS Intelligent City Traffic Management TrafficAccess VDS TrafficAccess IDS

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Intelligent Video Software Platform ParkingAccess WebAccess/IVS Software Platform iPOS DVR/NVR systems Appliance Platforms Video Capture Cards Analog/Digital/IP Camera Intelligent video source Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) Motion Detection Forbidden Zone Camera Tamper Optical Self Diagnostic Object Counting Dwell Time & Loitering Crowd Detection Parking Vacancy Face Detection People Counting Facial Recognition License Plate Recognition Monitoring the amount of motion and alert when something changes Alarms when intrusions occur in one ore more predefined forbidden zones Counting of...

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Intelligent Video Transportation Solutions - 3

License Plate Recognition Motion Detection 0172 46 Electronic Toll Collection In the evolution from manual to electronic toll collection (ETC), IVA technology plays a key role to automatically analyze the video, decreasing workforce requirements as well as assuring traffic flow on highway. Traffic Information System In Real-time Traffic Information Display System, Advantech’s new video platform with Intelligent Video Analytic Technology enables real-time response and brings the system from purely data collection and delivery to a whole new level. • Intel Core i7 (Ivy) • 64GB mSATA • RFID...

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Intelligent Video Transportation Solutions - 4

Pedestrian Detection Wrong-way Drivers Parking Vacancy Detection Intelligent Parking Traffic Management Surveillance System Traffic management surveillance System with intelligent video solutions improves the traffic monitoring system by automating video analysis and security alerts. An intelligent parking management solution can automatically recognize vehicle license plates, detect parking vacancy, assign available parking slot, and can also enable Intelligent vehicle search function to assist users efficiently. ARK-5420ID • Intel Core i5 (Ivy) • 32 GB mSATA • BNC/SDI Capture Card • 8 CH...

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Intelligent Video Transportation Solutions - 5

Contemporary management of urban traffic is becoming increasingly complex as traffic congestion continues to rise worldwide. In order to measure traffic in real time and provide useful road statistics, obtaining reliable data is essential. TrafficAccess VDS is an intelligent video analysis system for collecting traffic information, such as vehicle counts, classifications, occupancy, and average speed, by using specific vehicle detection technology. Typical applications include: • Real time traffic data collection • Loop emulation applications • Traffic studies and monitoring • Level of...

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Intelligent Video Transportation Solutions - 6

Poland USA Warsaw Milpitas, CA Worldwide Offices Greater China China Toll Free 800-810-0345 Adwntech Asia Pacific Japan Toll Free 0800-500-1055 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 60-3-7725-4188 Penang 60-4-537-9188 India Bangalore Pune Indonesia Jakarta Enabling an Intelligent Planet Europe Germany Toll Free Munich Dusseldorf France Paris Italy Milano Benelux & Nordics Breda UK Poland Warsaw Russia Moscow St. Petersburg Americas North America Toll Free Cincinnati Milpitas Irvine Brazil Toll Free Sao Paulo Mexico Toll Free Mexico City Please verify specifications before quoting. This guide...

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