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Intelligent Agricultural Solutions Farm management innovation with technology that realizes all the possibilities of intelligent monitoring and control When Internet of Things (IoT) technology is successfully applied to farm management, smart agriculture is an inevitable trend, accurately monitoring information from agriculture environmental control to the crop growth process to achieve high yield good quality harvests.

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Intelligent Agricultural Solutions - 2

Agricultural Intelligence Innovative farm management technology, realizing the possibilities of intelligent monitoring and control In recent years, with the mature development of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the introduction of information and communication technology and automation control technology in farm management has become a recent trend. In the field of agricultural intelligence, introducing technology elements into farm management, such as monitoring and tracking of the whole process from the production of crops, processing, transportation, to sales and other procedures,...

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Intelligent Agricultural Solutions - 3

Cloud Management Cloud platform of intelligent agriculture • Real-time remote monitoring and management • Historical data analysis and charts • Experience replication and remote expert consultation • Intelligent production record Power analysis system • Power monitoring and analysis • Solar power monitoring Control system • Smart greenhouse microclimate control • Plant factory control Irrigation system • Drip irrigation system • Sp

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Intelligent Agricultural Solutions - 4

Monitoring Systems ■- Soil, medium, and water monitoring • Monitor soil/media for pH, conductivity, temperature, humidity etc. for the best growing conditions • Monitor water quality including pH, conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen etc. • Provide optimal settings and send warnings via SMS/e-mail when incidences occur so that optimum conditions can be maintained • View historically stored data and produce graphs to view trends Microclimate monitoring • Use sensors to monitor environmental aspects such as temperature, relative humidity, sunlight, carbon dioxide, wind speed and...

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Intelligent Agricultural Solutions - 5

Control Systems rn Intelligent greenhouse microclimate control • Use sensors to monitor indoor and outdoor atmospheric data and automatically adjust the temperature, humidity, shade nets, insulation curtains, fans, skylights etc. • Configure devices separately for multiple crops • Adaptive greenhouse management for a wide range of controls • Reduce labor costs and errors and diseases for greater quality and stability Plant factory control • Use sensors to monitor temperatures, relative humidity, carbon dioxide concentration using air conditioning systems, circulating fans, artificial light...

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Intelligent Agricultural Solutions - 6

Irrigation Systems rn Drip irrigation system • Use drip irrigation sensors to monitor soil moisture conductivity, pH levels etc. • Use soil moisture sensors to control conditions and quality • Permeability ensures that water from the pipeline is used • Drip devices, plugged into a PE pipe, automatically regulate the flow • With no water between crops, weeds can’t grow • Drip irrigation systems are: labor, water, energy & yield improving • Irrigating water and fertilizer directly on the soil, crop roots maintain the optimal conditions to increase production Sprinkler system • Soil moisture...

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Intelligent Agricultural Solutions - 7

Nutrient solution deployment and adjustment Systems Nutrient solution deployment • Effectively monitor and control the deployment of the nutrient solution, and manage routine work, including water quality used to modulate the conditions • Adjust the proportion and concentration of the nutrient solution, and then send the information to the irrigation • Crops grow at different rates, automatically adjust the nutrient solution for better growth Nutrient solution adjustment • Real-time monitoring of various conditions, means that changes can be made as soon as an issue is seen • Get the...

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Intelligent Agricultural Solutions - 8

Cloud platform of smart agriculture m Real-time remote monitoring and management • Remotely check real-time information and control next line through computers, tablets, mobile phones, and other devices • Manage distributed systems, nutrients, temperatures etc across multiple greenhouses • Provide different workers with different levels of authority • Get real-time information via SMS and e-mail alerts Analysis of historical data and charts • Integrated charts for analysis & problem identification for enhanced crop cultivation • Sensor data’s automatically uploaded to the cloud for...

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Intelligent Agricultural Solutions - 9

Case studies Remote Monitoring System for Mountain Lily Planting Champion flowers growing in smart greenhouses Environment and climate have always been important factors when planting crops. Good environment, water, air, and proper environmental management are the keys to the success of crop cultivation. Thus, members of the Alishan flower production and marketing team adopted greenhouse cultivation, and a smart remote monitoring system, to cultivate a variety of championship perfume lilies. DeNeng Scientific Research assisted Alishan farmers in building a greenhouse management program....

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Intelligent Agricultural Solutions - 10

Case studies Greenhouse Environment Control Solution for Orchid Planting Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology to build orchid greenhouse environmental control solution Orchids are the most successful precision farming in Taiwan, and also the main kind of flowers for export. Orchids need certain temperature and humidity conditions to grow and bloom, and their flowering time may not be exactly in line with market demand, so the price collapses when there is overproduction. In the past, most environmental control systems in orchid greenhouses in Taiwan used PLCs (Programmable Logic...

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Intelligent Agricultural Solutions - 11

Case studies Hydroponic Vegetable Plant Monitoring System A plant factory with a year-round harvest IT applications have changed agricultural production. Plant factories no depend on the weather, reducing the risk by increasing control items, and producing a year-round harvest. Moreover, comprehensive hydroponic vegetable plant monitoring systems successfully cultivate crops with high economic value. This LED lit plant factory grew a variety of crops using a three-dimensional hydroponic method of five-layer racks, and adopted the plant factory solutions. Through sensor integration,...

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