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Pioneering Industrial Motherboard Innovation Premium off-the-shelf Choices plus Customizing your Specializations / Industrial Motherboards / EPC Systems / UTX Gateways Adwntech Enabling an Intelligent Planet Enclosure Solutions

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Pioneering Industrial Motherboards, Systems and Gateways “Breakthrough innovations have made Advantech Industrial Motherboards more than just an industrial motherboard - unlike any other." Advantech Industrial Motherboards offer a full range standard form factors from compact mini-ITX, full-featured uATX to performance-rich ATX. With strong industrial motherboard expertise, we've launched a whole new “Embedded PC” series - EPC enclosures and systems, integrated with mITX motherboards to meet a variety of industrial application requirements. To embrace the exciting future of IoT and...

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Thin and Low Profile ■ Less than 22mm height motherboards ■ Ideal for height constrained applications Multi 4k2k Displays ■ DP++, HDMI 1.4/2.0 displays ■ Multiple interface for diversified resolution support Extended Temperature ■ -20~70°C option temperature support ■ Perfect for semi-outdoor and vehicle applications One-stop System & Enclosure Configuration ■ Easy configuration from off-the-shelf product ■ Full SW/HW integration with complete test coverage Fanless Thermal Solution System ■ 0-45°C operating temperature ■ Noiseless w/ outstanding MTBF ■ Numerous USB and COM for plenty of...

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Advantech Embedded PCs Advantech Embedded PCs (EPC) are a full range of enclosures and systems designed for thin Mini-ITX and Mini-ITX motherboards, featuring optimized mechanical design and flexible I/O interface options, assuring maximized flexibility for design-in efficiency. Advantech Embedded PCs come with various standard form factors and scalable sizes, allowing quick integration for customer applications. Full Range Enclosures & Systems Offerings • Designed for mITX and THIN mITX boards series • Low-power to extreme performance platforms • Mini to middle compact design Compact &...

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Quick Integration with Local Service Flexible System Solutions 2 Years Global Warranty Meet Your Special Needs Easy to Order, Smart Purchasing Safety of Quality Fast Delivery with Assurance Local Access Global Availability Key Benefits •  Thin/compact size for space-limited environment •  Effectively reduces total cost of ownership •  One-stop system integration •  Customization flexibility •  Shortens design-in process for time to market •  Certification ready Fanless/ Fan-based • Fan-based: supports high performance platforms like Intel core i3 to i7 • Smart fan control to reduce the...

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Sub-G Carrier Base Station in Europe Extended Temperature, Low Power, High Performance Application Requirements Application story IoT and wireless sensor networks are becoming vital infrastructures today. Outdoor base stations need to be 24/7 reliable but also super power efficient. In the past, base stations used commercial motherboards with desktop processors for higher CPU performance and integrators took a high risk on their thermal and longevity support. Advantech AIMB-231 industrial motherboard is designed with wide temperature support of -20~70 °C which can work under semi-outdoor...

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Smart Parking System (SPS) Assists Drivers in Quickly Finding Parking Spaces Application Requirements Features of this SPS include vacant parking space detection, displays of available parking space w/ direction indication, and payment systems. SPS detects car park space occupancy via ultrasonic sensors sat above each parking space. Drivers looks at the LED display board (located at the main gate entrance) which shows type and number of parking spaces available. After driving into the car park, drivers look at the internal information LED display to show availability and direction. The...

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UTX Series : Multi-connectivity IoT Gateway Advantech embedded IoT gateways (UTX Series) analyze and transmit data from end devices, accelerating decision making that result in increased efficiencies. This helps customers acquire the intelligence to drive new design innovations, making business transformation a profitable action rather than a challenge. Simplifying IoT Gateway Deployment with Advantech UTX Series Intelligent gateways play a critical role in IoT by collecting sensor data at the network edge, filtering and normalizing the data for sharing in the cloud. To facilitate IoT...

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UTX-3117 Design Features Enabling IoT Deployment • 5 Antennas Design: 3G/LTE, WiFi, Zigbee, and LoRA • Extended Temperature Support -20~60°C • Double Side Optimized Thermal Solutions • 3 RF Modules Add-on Flexibility • Compact Size 128x152x37mm • WISE-PaaS Build-in Top Side Thermal Solutions Bottom Side Thermal Solutions • Intel Atom™ E3800 series SoC • 2 RF modules with 4 antennas design • 12V DC input • Multiple mounting kit UTX-3117 • Intel® Atom™ E3900 series SoC • 3 RF modules with 5 antennas design •

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Smart Street Lighting System Thousands of street lights illuminate the city helping drivers and pedestrians find their way home safely. But huge amounts of electrical power are consumed doing this, so reducing consumption saves money and of course, helps the environment. Requirements A smart street lighting solution is the best way to meet these requirements. The city government decided to implement a solution with solar radiation sensors, environmental air quality sensors, and industrial computers in a smart street lighting system that automatically adjusted brightness when sensing...

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Advantech strives to integrate loT solutions by providing pre-integrated, pre-validated hardware and software building blocks that enable secure and seamless data flow from sensor to cloud. WISE-PaaS/RMM is one of Advantech's IoT Software Platform Services, focusing on IoT device remote monitoring and management, bridging layers of IoT Platform Architecture, and anchoring predictive maintenance, big data analysis, and other domain-specific cloud applications. Device Managemmt. System Security Dashboard Builder Logic Editor ■ Centralized Management ■High Availability ■Sensor/Device...

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