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Industrial Display Systems A Leading Specialist for Display Technologies, Products and Solutions Leading Technology and Capability Product Offerings Design To Order Service Market Solutions Product Selection

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Advantech Industrial Display Systems Advantech designs, develops and manufactures display systems that meet the demands of industrial display markets in gaming, transportation, medical, and many system integration markets globally. Combining proven technologies and flexible manufacturing, Advantech creates class leading solutions for your customers that deliver significant product differentiation and competitive advantage. Our customer-centric approach reinforces all of our activities and in an essential part of the thousands of products we ship daily. AMBIENT LIGHT BEFORE Optical Bonding...

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In-house Design and Manufacturing Capabilities Advantech is committed to developing new industrial display technologies and has built class 1,000/10,000 LCD clean rooms with ISO certification to develop our own display technologies in Taiwan, China Kunshan and North America. With monthly capacities of 30,000 pieces and all capabilities in-house, we bring high add-on value, quality and reliability to our industrial display products. Professional Engineers Value-added Services Assured Quality Curved Display Digital Signage Display Open Frame Montior Proflat Monitor Industrial LCD Kit Color...

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Industrial Display Systems - 4

Indoor/ Outdoor Industrial LCD Kits IDK Series Advantech Industrial Display Kit series provide LCD panels, outdoor LCD panels and touchscreen displays which support sunlight readable and resistive touch functions, and are proven to work with all Advantech embedded platforms. Indoor Display Kits Outdoor High Bright Display Kits ▪▪5.7”~21.5” options ▪▪Indoor applications ▪▪LVDS signal interface ▪▪Resistive and P-cap touch ▪▪Wide viewing angle ▪▪8.4”~21.5” options ▪▪outdoor applications ▪▪LVDS signal interface ▪▪Resistive touch ▪▪Wide viewing angle Proven Compatibility Enhanced Readability...

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Industrial Display Systems - 5

Advantech provides a comprehensive monitor solutions with different front frame chassis options. Customers can choose based on their integration needs.All the industrial grade monitors are featured with slim and light design for easy and efficient installations. Open Frame Monitors Panel Mount Monitors ■ 6.5”~21.5” options ■ Integrated bracket ■ Dual VGA/DVI interface ■ P-cap/resistive/ non-touch options ■ Rear/VESA mount ■ 6.5”~21.5” options ■ Rugged metal front frame ■ Dual VGA/DVI interface ■ P-cap/resistive/ ■ 15“~21.5” options ■ P-cap touchscreen non-touch options ■ IP65 rated...

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Industrial Display Systems - 6

Proflat Monitors/ Digital Signage Displays/ Curved Displays Advantech provides stand-alone solutions in different formats such as truly-flat monitors, large format monitors, ultra wide monitors and curved displays. These displays are built to meet all professional applications such as medical, transportation and gaming markets and provide a plug and play solutions. Proflat Monitors Curved Monitors Signage Displays ▪▪35", 43", 55" size options ▪▪Wide viewing angle with 1500R or 1800R options ▪▪HDMI/VGA/ ▪▪P-cap touch up to 10 multi- DisplayPort touch points ▪▪VESA mount ▪▪28”, 38”, 42”, 55”...

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Industrial Display Systems - 7

Design-to-order Service Advantech provides DTOS service to design and manufacture displays tailored to your unique demands . Our design teams are located close to our customers in order to efficiently translate OEM requirements into cost effective, cleverly engineered solutions for all manner of environments. Optical Engineering ▪▪Backlight design ▪▪Optical bonding ▪▪Brightness enhancement ▪▪Thermal control Mechanical/ Material Engineering System Integration Service ▪▪Chassis, glass, polymers, adhesives, light guides ▪▪Open, Closed Frame, Proflat designs ▪▪Panel cutting ▪▪IP54/IP65 solution...

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Industrial Display Systems - 8

Focused Applications Outdoor Kiosk Designed with ruggedness and longevity in mind, our outdoor display solutions provide an reliable alternative to off the shelf monitors. Built with our LCD optical enhancement solutions, wide temperature design, and robust touch input, our large range of sizes and configurations meets all demands in this area. Applications: Gas stations, bike rental systems, ourdoor ATMs/ payment terminals, parking lots. Suitable Solutions: IDK-2000, IDS-3000 series, optical bonding, high brightness Transportation Nowadays, displays are ubiquitous in transportation...

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Industrial Display Systems - 9

Gaming Designed exclusively for gaming applications, our gaming display solutions provide a wide range of gaming monitors to meet the special requirements of applications. These display solutions feature widescreens, reliable touch screens and flexible mechanical designs that can be integrated with Advantech gaming platforms for a total gaming solution. Applications: Slot machine, Lottery terminals, Jackpot systems Suitable Solutions: Main display- CRV31-430WP70, IDS-3121GD, IDS-3119 Button deck / Player tracker- DSD-5000 series Medical Imaging Medical imaging applications require highly...

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Size Resolution Brightness Viewing Angle (H/V°) Contrast Ratio Touchscreen Signal Interface Backlight Life (hrs) Durability Operating Temperature High Brightness Display Kit IDK-2000 Series Slim Open Frame/Panel Mount Monitors IDS-3000 Series IDS-3106/ IDS-3206 Size Resolution Brightness Viewing Angle(H/V°) Contrast Ratio Touchscreen Backlight Life (hrs) Durability Operating Temperature I/O Ports OSD VGA x 1; DVI x 1; 12 VDC Jack x 1; USB x 1; RS-232 x 1 Keys: Power on/off, Menu/Enter, Left/Up, Right/Down, Exit/Auto, Source Menu Functions: Brightness, Contrast, Screen Setting, Color Temp,...

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Industrial Grade and QualityExtended Longevity and WarrantyGlobal Capacity and Local Service Advantech provides industrial grade display solutions for industrial usages which require more rugged specification and high quality. We offer 2 years of product longevity and warranty. Extended warranty between 3-5 years is also available. Advantech provides display systems globally with three manufacturing centers in Taiwan, China and USA and branch offices in 23 countries to better service customers. Regional Service & Customization Centers China Worldwide Offices Greater China China Toll...

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