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Advantech CompactPCI and PlusIO Secure Your Long Term Success with Advantech CompactPCI and PlusIO Since its inception back in the mid 1990's CompactPCI® has worked its way into some of the most mission critical applications on this planet. It can be found at the nerve-centre of the world's most hi-tech trains, at the core of the telecommunication network, switching calls and providing critical signalling information in essential core network elements. In both its commercial and ruggedized form, CompactPCI controls industrial and chemical plants, while in the military arena it is employed...

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Customized COTS – Just What You Need When You Have a Unique Problem to Solve Customization at Advantech doesn’t just stop at branding. We realise that no two suppliers’ seemingly identical CompactPCI blades are exactly the same and that features may differ in various ways like a missing I/O port or connector or often custom IPMI features which aren’t implemented. That’s where our Customized COTS (C2OTS) program comes into play. Because we design our standard products with later customization in mind our processes are tailored to support the customized COTS business model. We offer...

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Next Generation CompactPCI Solutions Using Advantech CompactPCI PlusIO solutions provides a backward compatible migration path for your proven CompactPCI solutions to newly designed, high speed serial peripherals based on CompactPCI Serial. Next Generation CompactPCI Solutions CompactPCI is a field proven technology with a 15 year history of providing a robust foundation for industrial, medical, telecommunications, aerospace, measurement and transportation applications. The original architecture used a parallel bus to connect a system slot to seven peripheral slots and was a rugged,...

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PICMG CPCI-S.0 CompactPCI Serial With the PICMG CPCI-S.0 specification, the original parallel bus is replaced by a system slot with up to 8 high-speed serial interconnects in a star topology. A new, backward compatible connector capable of 12 Gb/s was introduced to handle the larger number of high-speed peripherals. This base system does not require switches or bridges keeping costs low. The system slot supports: ▪▪8 PCI Express links (6 by 4 lanes, 2 by 8 lanes) ▪▪8 SATA/SAS, 8 USB 2.0/3.0 ▪▪8 Ethernet interfaces ▪▪Signals for general system management including: reset, IPMB, hot plug,...

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CompactPCI PlusIO Solutions CompactPCI PlusIO Solutions Advantech has a long tradition of driving platform innovation in multiple form factors using industry-leading processor architectures. Our commitment to extending the lifetime of our customer's CompactCPCI solutions is no different. Our products support a smooth transition path to new technologies and we support our customer's migration with reference platforms and integrated systems. Advantech MIC-3328: 3U CompactPCI PlusIO Intel® Core™ i7 Processor Blade Targeting a broad range of cross-industry applications the Advantech MIC-3328...

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Advantech MIC-3022 4U CompactPCI Enclosure for 3U Cards The MIC-3022 is a 4U enclosure designed to host up to 8 CompactPCI 3U cards connected via a 32bit 33MHz or 66MHz PCI bus. The chassis can be powered by PICMG2.11 CPCI power supplies or an ATX 400W power supply for cost sensitive applications. A CPCI power supply supports a wide range of applications in the industrial market requiring a robust, compact and reliable platform. Rear transition modules can be installed in each of the 8 slots to support IO extension. Four high performance fans provide adequate air flow to all slots, enabling...

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3U CompactPCI and PlusIO Boards A Broad Selection of Boards to Meet All Your 3U Processing and IO Needs 3U CompactPCI and PlusIO Boards Advantech offers a complete range of 3U CompactPCI products including Chassis, Single Board Computers and Industrial and Networking I/O. All products support the hot swap of boards while a system is operating enabling a solid foundation for the implementation of mission critical systems. Advantech’s latest CompactPCI Serial offering migrates customers from the parallel PCI bus to serial PCI Express, SATA, Ethernet, and USB, offering higher performance while...

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Performance, Flexibility & Reliability After initial mass deployment of products in the telecom industry at the turn of the millenium, Advantech has built on its experience gained from integrating mission critical CompactPCI systems for key telecom equipment manufacturers and has expanded into broader industries. With a growing number of deployments in process control, transportation, test & measurement, simulation and medical imaging amongst others, customers know they can rely on Advantech engineering for performance, flexibility and reliability. 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7...

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Whatever the Application - Build Your Ideal System with Advantech CompactPCI Plus IO 4U CompactPCI Enclosure for 3U Cards The MIC-3022 PlusIO supports CompactPCI PlusIO highspeed serial interconnects without interfering with legacy PCI signals. This allows interoperability with all PICMG CompactPCI 2.xx standards. The system slot incorporates a UHM connector, allowing connectivity to existing 32-bit boards as well as supporting differential signals up to 5 Gb/s per pair. Rugged, highly configurable, long-life platform The CPCI-8220 integrates the intelligence and low thermal design power of...

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Building Your CompactPCI Applications To Meet Business Needs Now and into the Future Many mission-critical applications benefit from the robustness and modularity offered by CompactPCI systems. For more than 10 years, Advantech has been developing standard CompactPCI equipment tailored to high-tech industries that require high levels of specialization leveraging COTS and customization with its C2OTS approach. Power & Energy Power substations are not only critical because of their role in the electricity system but also because of their proximity to residential areas. That is why they are...

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