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One for All* All for One WebAccess/ Smart HMI/SCADA Software - 100% browser-based HMI/SCADA software - Easy to connect and control a variety of IoT Devices - Supports a variety of mobile devices and browsers WebAccess+IVS Intelligent Video Software - Intelligent Video Platform - Intelligent Video Analytics Modules - Modulized SDK ready for software integration WebAccess+ MM Interative Multimedia Software - Digital Signage Management Platform - Intelligent Programming Platform - Supports Industries and Application Scenarios WebAccess/NMS Network Management Software - Network Equipment Management and Monitor - Integration of Network Topology - Location Identification for Wide Area Deployment Advantech invites system integrator partners to join the WebAccess+ Alliance to jointly develop the Internet of Things (IoT) and create business opportunitiesWebAccess+ Alliance Partner hm .cc-rmLTizi nc_zcy China Toll Free Beijing Taiwan Toll Free Neihu Xindian Asia Pacific Japan Toll Free Tokyo Osaka Korea Toll Free Seoul Singapore Singapore Malaysia Toll Free Kuala Lumpur Penang Indonesia Jakarta Thailand Bangkok India Toll Free Bangalore Australia Toll Free Melbourne Sydney Europe Toll Free Germany Munich Hilden / D'dorf France Paris Italy Milano Benelux & Nordics Americas North America Toll Free Cincinnati Brazil Toll Free Saude-Sao Paulo Mexico Toll Free Mexico City Enabling an Intelligent Planet Please verify specifications before quoting. This guide is intended for reference purposes only. All product specifications are subject to change without notice. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of the publisher. All brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. © Advantech Co., Ltd. 2015

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Water Conservation and Water Treatment Solution Water conservation management expert systems are necessary for the construction of water and flood protection for a modern city A set of system platforms integrates the water treatment technology and data analysis could allow water conservation and water treatment experts to build various management control modes, and further improve the water supply and distribution efficiency. Adwntech w< Enabling an Intelligent Planet

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Modern Water Treatment Systems Allow Engineers to Tap-and-Go Equipment that integrates the monitoring and control, data analysis, real-time video, mass data records, data base exchange mechanism and cloud technology based system, allows water conservation experts to easily construct various modes of control and management analysis. From the water source, to sewage treatment, reclaimed water and drinking water, Advantech provides system devices, intelligent terminals, redundancy controllers, various communication devices and cloud monitoring software, and adopts an open framework to maximize...

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Program Overview Dam and water monitoring system: Safety monitoring of the dam was stipulated in the risk management and internationally drafted management procedure, such as Canada DSSMP (Dam Safety State Monitoring Program). It is used to install monitoring equipment in high-risk quick installation locations, such as: flood overflows, pipes and seepage. Water diversion control of a weir: When heavy rain comes, the river rises suddenly and brings danger to the surrounding area. In order to help prevent flooding sluice gates are used and they control the flow of water from the weir. To...

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Advantech's Water Conservation and Treatment Solutions - 6

Pump Station Management System Solution Program Overview The water pumping station is used for the water treatment transportation systems, including the water supply, water distribution, agricultural irrigation, and plants. Water supply is managed through a variety of stations such as the: irrigation pump, drainage pump, combined irrigation and drainage pump, water-supply pump, pressurization pump and multi-function pump. Since the pumps are important equipment, the program not only keeps the pump station operating stably and safely, but also monitors the condition of abnormal...

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Water Treatment Plant System Solution Program Overview Water treatment plants include the control mode for each water treatment procedure, and shall meet the national standards of water treatment and effluent, such as the PH value, chemical oxygen demand COD, biochemical oxygen demand BOD, dissolved oxygen DO, water visibility SS, and water hardness RO, etc. Thus, the water treatment process control must meet a national standard procedure technology mode, which includes the pre-treatment control mode, sediment-filtration-medication control mode, mixed medication control mode in flash mix...

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Medication Control Mode • pH value control mode: water pH medication control, by online regulation of PH meter. • According to the raw water quality, to establish the chlorination time method, and improve disinfection of the scheduled control modes. Reverse Osmosis System (LPRO) Control Mode in a Clean-Water Pool • Reverse osmosis system control mode: mainly to remove the metal ion, ammonia nitrogen, natural dissolved organic matter, microorganisms and germs in the raw water source. • To remove the totally dissolved solids (TDS) in the water, reduce the hardness to soften the water quality,...

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Sewage Treatment Solutions Program Overview Sewage treatment plants use miniaturization and regional development, and adopt the BOT business operation. While. in the newly issued Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law, the sewage emission standard drafts the new standard estimated value requirement of COD (chemical oxygen demand) and SS (suspended solid), thus it shall develop the high performance sewage treatment solution and technology control policy according to the requirements and sewage source. Sewage treatment is divided into primary, secondary and tertiary treatment according to...

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Reclaimed Water Treatment Solution Program Overview The goal of sewage recycling is to take full advantage of the urban sewage source, the water quality standard and water yield requirements of reclaimed water, mainly used for the environment, non-drinking water, industrial and agricultural water. The reclaimed water project is divided into four parts: reclaimed water plant, mating pipeline, sludge treatment facility and temporary pollution control. The main effluent indicator, meets surface water IV class standard and the main technology of the reclaimed water plant's monitoring is the...

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