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Advantech iDoor Technology Standardized Interface Which Offers Flexible Expansion to System Functions Via a Variety of Modular I/Os Introduction Features & Functions Benefits & Advantages Selection Guide Naming Convention

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I Communication Model Name Intel i350 PCIe, GbE, IEEE 802.3ab, RJ45 x 2 ♦ 2000Vdc isolation protection ♦ RTS/CTS/Xon/Xoff flow control ♦ Non isolation 4 COM ports ♦ 50 bps ~ 921.6 kbps serial speed(RS-422/485) ♦ 2 port PoE (Power Over Ethernet) ♦ Singel port 15.4W of DC power PB-ProfiBus PN-ProfiNet EI-Eithernet/IP EC-EtherCAT AB-APAXBus OF-Optical Fiber PE-PoE TP-Precision Time Protocol DC-Daisy-Chain MR-MRAM DI-Digital I/O AI-Analog I/O R4-Multi-drop RS-422/485 R2-Single-ended RS-232 ID-Intelligent Displays

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Advantech Leading Advantech’s innovativ devices. iDoor Techno costly extra devices wi integrators can leverag instance, as embedded become widely availab line for their customer Simple, Flexible, Reliable The optimized mechanism design simplify iDoor with I/O plate, I/O module and mPCIe card. It makes it easier to assemble and install. Modular design makes iDoor high flexibility for any configuration. With Advantech's rugged and strict design and comprehensive testing, iDoor provides a reliable offering. Easy Maintenance With Advantech’s iDoor mechanical design, the user finds it easy to...

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iDoor Technology e iDoor Technology is a new modular way of adding flexible functionality to a wide range of ogy gives system integrators the flexibility to choose functions they need without purchasing th functions they’ll never use. By using standardized components and interfaces, ge current state-of-the-art technologies as well as up and coming IPC trends. For d operating systems improve and higher performance storage methods le, the IPC supplier is able to seamlessly integrate them into the product s. olor convention or Example, the o the I/O plate is the equently, we Integration of...

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iDoor Technology iDoor I/O Plate with mPCIe Card An iDoor module uses a mini PCIe slot embedded on the motherboard. Most market requirements can be fulfilled by mPCIe card suppliers. PCI/PCIe I/O Plate with mPCIe Card The opensource nature of this technology allows system integrators to develop their own mPCIe card, their own exclusive iDoor functions, and even iDoor shell colors (eg: combining company Logo), to shape their brand images through color recognition. For those key accounts, they can integrate industry expertise in automation applications via iDoor. For users who have standard...

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As a leading provider of Industrial PC, Advantech devoted to innovation product/service development. To be the pioneer in intelligent automation technology, the i-concept represents the intelligent, integrated and intuitive design which covers the innovation of service model, user behavior and cutting-edge technology that opens a new era of industrial automation. An integrated intelligent key brings A standardized modular Interface which A Reliable Long Distance Transmission simplified intuitive operation for offers flexible expansion to increase the Technology which transfers...

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