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XF - 1

XFTHE MODULAR POWER SOLUTION OF CHOICE FOR HI REL AND MIL-COTS APPLICATIONS Advanced Energy's XF series, part of our low voltage solutions, provides up to an incredible 1000 W in an extremely compact 268 mm x 127 mm x 1U package. Designed for use in harsh operating environments, the XF series is conformal coated and ruggedized to withstand extremes in shock and vibration as well as operation over a wide temperature range of-55 to 70°C. EMC characterization, shock and vibration, and thermal stress reports are available. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS ■ Conformal coated and ruggedized as standard ■ Anti-vibration compound ■ 47 to 440 Hz input frequency ■ 1.15 V to 58 V standard output voltages ■ All outputs fully floating ■ Extra low profile: 1U height (40 mm) ■ Ultra high efficiency, up to 90% ■ 5-year warranty ■ Plug and play power ■ Allows fast custom configuration ■ Outputs completely field configurable with option to factory fix ■ Series and parallel outputs for higher voltages/ currents ■ Parallel powerpacs for higher power ■ OVP, OTP, OCP as standard ■ 5 V/250 mA bias standby voltage provided ■ Individual output control ■ Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) TYPICAL APPLICATIONS ■ Harsh industrial electronics ■ Fixed and mobile radar (naval- and ground-based) ■ Communications ■ Military electronics ■ Test and measurement

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XF - 2

*When ordering individual powerMods for use with the XF Series add the suffix C for conformal coating

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XF - 3

ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS Input Parameter Conditions/Description Min Nom Max Units

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XF - 4

General Parameter Conditions/Description Min Nom Max Units

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XF - 5

ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS (CONTINUED) EMC 1All specifications at nominal input, full load, 25°C unless otherwise stated. 2This product is not intended for use as a stand alone unit and must be installed by qualified personnel. 3The specifications contained herein are believed to be correct at time of publication and are subject to change without notice. 4Derating required below -40 °C. 5With certain configurations when powering inductive or capacitive loads, it is recommended to use a blocking diode on the output. Consult Advanced Energy for further detail. 6An external filter may be...

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XF - 6

Input Cable (Option D) Advanced Energy modular power supplies are also available with an input cable connection option allowing greater flexibility when mounting the power supply in the system. Individually insulated input cables are 300 mm in length and come supplied with Faston connectors.

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XF - 7

MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS (CONTINUED) Temperature Derating Curve for XF Models 1100 -120V & 230V XFA= Forward & Reverse Fans -120V & 230V XFB= Forward & Reverse Fans -120V = XFC & XFN Forward Fans -120V = XFC & XFN Reverse Fans -230V = XFC & XFN Forward Fans -230V = XFC & XFN Forward Fans 75 Line Derating Curve for XF Models (@ 60°C) 1100 XFA = Forward & Reverse Fans XFB = Forward & Reverse Fans XFC & XFN = Forward Fans XFC & XFN = Reverse Fans Configuration Options — - Input Connector Option e.g. A for XgA B for XgB 0 for Empty Slot - = Standard C = Conformal coating P = Factory preset ■...

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XF - 8

Advanced Energy For international contact information visit ABOUT ADVANCED ENERGY Advanced Energy (AE) has devoted more than three decades to perfecting power for its global customers. AE designs and manufactures highly engineered, precision power conversion, measurement and control solutions for mission-critical applications and processes. AE's power solutions enable customer innovation in complex semiconductor and industrial thin film plasma manufacturing processes, demanding high and low voltage applications, and temperature-critical thermal processes. With deep...

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