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Thyro PX Series Datasheet - 1

THYRO-PX SERIES DIGITAL THYRISTOR SCR POWER CONTROLLER UP TO 2900 AMPS The Thyro-PX® series are modular, easy-to-use premier performance SCR power controllers for heating elements, resistive loads and transformer loads, in heating, melting, drying, and forming applications. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS ■ Comprehensive operating and control modes to minimize harmonic distortion and utility costs ■ High-efficiency, wear-free design with integrated soft starting for usage with downstream transformers ■ Premier performance control accuracy to maximize end-process repeatability ■ Multi-zone capability that independently controls multiple single-phase loads from a single controller ■ Wide communication protocol flexibility for simple integration into Rockwell™ PAC via certified AOP ■ Wide performance range with rated currents up to 2900 A and rated voltages up to 690 V ■ Intuitive performance and status feedback via a modular, integrated touch screen display or PC tool TYPICAL APPLICATIONS ■ Transformer loads, resistive loads, and heating elements in electric furnaces used for glass, metals, and ceramics manufacture ■ Heat tracing for piping and process elements in chemical, petro-chemical, and oil processing ■ Extruder and plastic press heating, IR drying, and automotive applications Phase Type 1, 2, and 3-phase power controller Accuracy ±0.5% voltage or current ±1% power AC Input Line Voltage Rating 230 to 500 V [-20 to +10%] 690 V [-20 to +10%] Type Current Range 16 to 2900 A Control Modes Zero cross firing (TAKT) Phase-angle firing (VAR) Voltage sequence control (VSC) Soft start, soft down Communications Ethernet/IP®, EtherCAT® PROFIBUS®, PROFINET® Modbus TCP/IP® ©2021 Advanced Energy Industries,

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Thyro PX Series Datasheet - 2

THYRO-PX Model Thyro-PX 1PX Thyro-PX 2PX Thyro-PX 3PX

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Thyro PX Series Datasheet - 3

MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONSThyro-PX IPX, 500 V Type Voltage Dimensions Type Current (A) Width Height Depth Weight

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Thyro PX Series Datasheet - 4

Design may change when using a fan and/or rated current > 350 A Type Current (A) Width Height Depth Weight

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Thyro PX Series Datasheet - 5

MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS (CONTINUED)Thyro-PX 3PX, 500 V Type Voltage Design may change when using a fan and/or rated current > 350 A Type Current (A) Width Height Depth Weight

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Thyro PX Series Datasheet - 6

Type Current (A) Width Height Depth Weight

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Thyro PX Series Datasheet - 7

INTERFACE Status LEDs [Programmable]

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Thyro PX Series Datasheet - 8

Thyro-Touch Modular Display With an integrated process data recorder, the optional Thyro-Touch unit enables intuitive operation of Thyro-PX power controllers via touch display.

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Thyro PX Series Datasheet - 9

ORDERING INFORMATION Model Description Thyro-PX Modular Digital Thyristor SCR Power Controller with current range to 2900 A, ±0.5% Voltage or Current Accuracy

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Thyro PX Series Datasheet - 10

ORDERING INFORMATION (CONTINUED) 1Not available with TC options < 170 A 2Choose as many as required. Phase Type Required fuse Type Current Voltage 1_, Required Fan Required fuse Type Current 10 Advanced U. Energy

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Thyro PX Series Datasheet - 11

Advanced Energy For international contact information visit +1.970.221.0108 ABOUT ADVANCED ENERGY Advanced Energy (AE) has devoted more than three decades to perfecting power for its global customers. AE designs and manufactures highly engineered, precision power conversion, measurement and control solutions for mission-critical applications and processes. AE’s power solutions enable customer innovation in complex semiconductor and industrial thin film plasma manufacturing processes, demanding high and low voltage applications, and...

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