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PYROMETERS AND SCR POWER CONTROLLERS Thyro-Power Manager Available for: Thyro-S, Thyro-A, and Thyro-AX The Thyro-Power Manager is an additional device for static mains load optimization of a multiple actuator configuration of up to 10 power controllers in full frequency package control (TAKT) operating mode. In addition, the Thyro-Power Manager can be used for tasks such as monitoring of system load peaks, data logging and data monitoring, and as an E/A component. By reducing load peaks and system perturbations, a primary challenge of any application, the Thyro-Power Manager increases...

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PYROMETERS AND SCR POWER CONTROLLERS Temperature Measurement and Control for Advanced Thermal Processes Advanced Energy® (AE) optical temperature measurement pyrometers and SCR power controllers enable constant and precise control of your demanding temperature-critical thermal processes. AE’s pyrometers and power control devices are used around the worldin a wide variety of thermal and heat treatment processes. Typical applications include glass and plastics forming, steel forging, casting and extrusion of non-ferrous metals, and carbon fiber production and annealing, to name a few....

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PYROMETERS AND SCR POWER CONTROLLERS Thyro-Family of SCR Power Controllers Setting the standard for SCR power controllers, Advanced Energy’s Thyro-Family of SCR power controllers ensure high product quality and reproducibility with a wide range of supported operating voltages, multiple operating control modes, and superior interface options for the most demanding thermal applications. AE SCR power controllers can help reduce downtime through predictive analytics, improve energy consumption, and boost product quality. Features and benefits of the Thyro product line include: footprint with...

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PYROMETERS AND SCR POWER CONTROLLERS Thyro-PX® Series Setting the standard for SCR power controllers, the Thyro-PX is our most advanced high-performance SCR power controller with a wide range of supported operating voltages, multiple operating modes, and advanced interface options for the most demanding thermal applications. Thyro-PX supports loads up to 2900 A with an operating resolution of ±0.5%. The Thyro-PX features: ■ Large 71.1 mm (2.8 in) LED graphic display with integrated process data recorder and SD card ■ Suite of digital and analog I/O options, including optional fieldbus...

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PYROMETERS AND SCR POWER CONTROLLERS Thyro-A® Series Striking the perfect balance between price and performance, the Thyro-A is an outstanding value with flexible application capabilities, industry-proven reliability, and is ideally suited for a wide variety of general heating applications. A flexible digital thyristor SCR power controller, the Thyro-A supports loads up to 1500 A and operating resolution of ±3%. The Thyro-A features: ■ Compact footprint with wide range of operating voltages and current ranges ■ Multiple operating modes with optional mains load optimization feature ■ Fully...

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Temperature Measurement Impac offers precise optical temperature measurement for a wide variety of industrial processes

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Impac Series of Optical Temperature Pyrometers Focusing on the most demanding industrial applications, Advanced Energy's Impac series of infrared thermometers have been specifically developed to provide repeatable temperature measurement even in harsh environments for a wide range of industrial processes and applications. Choose from single or multi-point (Impac Series 600) measurement options, different wavelengths and optics, multiple sighting options, all versions including our complimentary Measurement and Evaluation Software. Typical industrial applications for our infrared pyrometers...

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■ Short response times and quick detection of temperature differences ■ USB interface for using the optional analyzing software PortaWin PYROMETERS AND SCR POWER CONTROLLERS Impac Series 8 pro Portable, digital pyrometers for non-contact temperature measurement in ranges of 250 to 2500°C. AE's battery-driven Impac Series 8 pro pyrometers offer wide temperature ranges and high accuracy. The series features Impac IS 8 pro, IGA 8 pro, and IS-8GS pro. ■ Fully digital signal processing ■ Integrated graphic display ■ Bright, optimized viewfinder with exact spot indication ■ Aluminum die-cast...

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PYROMETERS AND SCR POWER CONTROLLERS Impac Series 140 The Impac Series represents accurate digital pyrometers with a variety of communication protocols and focusable optics. AE's Impac® IS 140, IGA 140, and IGA 140/23 pyrometers provide precision non-contact temperature on metals, ceramics, graphite, in temperature ranges between 50 and 3500°C. They are set with switchable RS232 and RS485 serial interfaces. ■ Small spot sizes ■ Short response times ■ Available with Ethernet, Profinet, and Profibus interfaces Impac Series 320 Advanced Energy's Impac IS 320, IGA 320, and IGA 320/23 are short...

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PYROMETERS AND SCR POWER CONTROLLERS ■ High emissivity: 98% ■ Large aperture diameter: 50.8 mm (2 in) Quality and Precision Calibration Sourcess Advanced Energy’s precise Mikron® calibration sources are traceable to national standards. We use tests, burn-in times, and pyrometric calibrations to help ensure our black bodies deliver the higest quality and reliability standards. Mikron IRC Series Advanced Energy's Mikron IRC calibration sources are small and easy to use low temperature calibration sources with fixed temperature options from 35 to 150°C. They’re ideal for benches and multiple,...

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Advanced Energy For international contact information, visit +1 970 221 0108 ABOUTADVANCED ENERGY Advanced Energy has devoted more than three decades to perfecting power for its global customers. We design and manufacture highly engineered, precision power conversion, measurement and control solutions for mission-critical applications and processes. Our products enable customer innovation in complex applications for a wide range of industries including semiconductor equipment, industrial, manufacturing, telecommunications, data center computing, and...

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