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INNOVA 3731 SF6 leak detection system for enclosed GIS substations. The Innova® 3731 SF6 leak detection system uses Photocaoustic Spectroscopy (PAS) for highly accurate, reliable, and stable quantitative gas detection. The Innova 3731 system leverages more than 20 years of leadership on the ultra-sensitive photoacoustic sensing technique to provide a direct and integral leak detection solution capable of monitoring large switchgear rooms. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS ■ Standalone Multipoint SF6 leak monitor with superior photoacoustic detection (detection limit = 6 ppb) ■ Cost-effective solution for a direct and integral leak detection method applicable to a complete SF6-GIS ■ Independent from any pressure or density reading ■ Available in 12- or 24-channel configuration to monitor large GIS installation ■ Simple installation procedure, not requiring any outage on your installation ■ Highly reliable and stable for a low cost of ownership Measurement Technique Photoacoustic Infrared Spectroscopy Filter Capacity Up to 5 + water Detection Limit Gas dependent, but typically in the ppb region Repeatability 1% of measured value ©2019 Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

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Regulatory frames, like the European F-Gas Directive (EC 517/2014), are mandating the use of leak detection systems in the vast majority of high-voltage SF6-GIS installations in order to better mitigate the risk of SF6 emissions. Specifically, when the existing gas instrumentation is not accurate enough to provide early detection: pressure/density switches used for safety considerations (to prevent catastrophic failure) lack of sensitivity and manual leak checks only provide discrete check points. Instead, stationary leak detection systems enable a permanent monitoring and early warning in...

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MEASURING DETAILS Operation The Innova 3731 leak detection system operates in standalone mode using the gas monitor as the system controller. It self-synchronizes the monitoring and sampling tasks. The system follows a fixed sampling sequence, measuring the active sampling channels in their basic order. The user can define a fixed interval in between two sequences. Setting Up the System The monitor and sampler units are rack-mountable on a standard 19" chassis. The user decides where the measurement points should be located and connects the sampler unit to each location with tubing. A short...

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Measurement Specifications 1Detection limit is @ 5 s S.I.T. 2Measured @ 20°C, 1013 mbar, and relative humidity (RH): 60%. (A concentration of 100x detection limit1 was used in determining these specifications.) 3Measured @ 1013 mbar and RH: 60%. 4Measured @ 20°C and RH: 60%.

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TECHNICAL DATA (CONTINUED) Pumping System Specifications Warning The Innova 3731 system must not be placed in areas with flammable gases/vapors in explosive concentrations or be used to monitor explosive concentrations of these. Monitoring of certain aggressive gases or a very high concentration of water vapor may damage the system. Contact your Advanced Energy sales representative for further information. Scope of Delivery Optional Accessories ■ Photoacoustic gas monitor with analog/relay module■ LumaSoft Gas Multi-Point software (online ■ Multipoint sampler monitoring) ■ External pump...

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ADDITIONAL SYSTEM DETAILS Offline Measurement Results (Standalone Operation) Gas measurement result data is displayed on the monitor’s screen (Display Memory) as soon as it is avail-able, and is constantly updated. LumaSoft 7870 can provide real time graphical display of the measurements on a channel-per-channel basis. The online software opens a SQL database to log the measurement values. The internal database structures the measurement readings on a gas per gas basis, and across the sampling channels. This data in Display Memory can be copied to the Background Memory, which is a...

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ADDITIONAL SYSTEM DETAILS (CONTINUED) Reliable by Design The leak detector’s extended self-test routines maintain the reliability of the results, which are stored in the internal memory of the gas monitor and can be downloaded as required. Alarm relays are available to report any warning/error on the system to the end user. If the power supply fails, the 3731 system will automatically restart when power is restored. Measurement data stored in the monitor’s memory is not affected by power loss. Selectivity and Accuracy The monitor is permanently fitted with a special filter that measures...

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Advanced Energy For international contact information visit +1 970 221 0108 ABOUTADVANCED ENERGY Advanced Energy (AE) has devoted more than three decades to perfecting power for its global customers. AE designs and manufactures highly engineered, precision power conversion, measurement and control solutions for mission-critical applications and processes. AE’s power solutions enable customer innovation in complex semiconductor and industrial thin film plasma manufacturing processes, demanding high and low voltage applications, and...

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