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Innova 1512 Gas Monitor Datasheet


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Innova 1512 Gas Monitor Datasheet - 1

INNOVA 1512 Highly accurate, reliable, stable, quantitative, and remotely controllable gas monitoring system The Innova® 1512 Photoacoustic Gas Monitor is a highly accurate, reliable, and stable quantitative gas monitoring system. Its measurement system, based on the photoacoustic infrared detection method, is capable of measuring almost any gas that absorbs infrared light. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS ■ Selectively measures a wide range of gases/vapors ■ Linear response over a wide dynamic range ■ Stable and Reliable: ensuring a maximum of only two calibrations a year ■ User-friendly: easy calibration, configuration, and viewing/analyzing of data via PC ■ Accurate: compensates for temperature and pressure fluctuations, water vapor interference, and interference from other known gases ■ Extremely low-volume flushing possible ■ Operates immediately: virtually no warm-up time necessary ■ Remote control capability via TCP/IP network interface protocol ■ Expandable up to 24 locations with Innova 1409 Multipoint Sampler: the Gas Monitor can operate as the system controller for full standalone operation TYPICAL APPLICATIONS ■ Occupational Health and Safety measurements - of possible production or accumulation of toxic/ carcinogenic substances in working areas ■ Monitoring of anesthetic agents in hospitals ■ Emission monitoring of greenhouse gases from agricultural production ■ Emission monitoring of exhaust from chemical processes ■ Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) measurements ■ Ventilation and air exchange using tracer gas Measurement Technique Photoacoustic Infrared Spectroscopy Filter Capacity Up to 5 + water from 27 different filter options Detection Limit Gas dependent, but typically in the ppb region Repeatability 1% of measured value Multiple Point Monitoring Optional integration with Innova 1409 Multi Point Sampler for up to 24 channels ©2019 Advanced Energy Industries,

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Gas selectivity for the Innova 1512 monitor is achieved through the use of optical filters. By installing up to five filters, the 1512 can measure the concentration of up to five component gases and water vapor in any air sample. The detection limit is gas-dependent, but is typically in the ppb region. In addition, the 1512 has a built-in pump system that allows samples to be drawn from up to 50 meters away. Accuracy of these measurements is ensured by the 1512’s ability to compensate for temperature and pressure fluctuations, water vapor interference, and interference from other gases...

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MEASURING DETAILS Selectivity The gas selectivity of the 1512 is determined by the optical filters installed in its filter wheel. Because water is nearly always present in ambient air and absorbs infrared light at most wavelengths, it contributes to the total acoustic signal in the analysis cell. Therefore, the monitor is permanently fitted with a special filter that measures water vapor and enables the 1512 to compensate for water vapor interference. By selecting different filters, this technique can also be used to cross-compensate for known interferent gases. Calibration After the...

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1Detection limit is @ 5 s S.I.T. 2Measured @ 20°C, 1013 mbar, and relative humidity (RH): 60%. (A concentration of 100x detection limit4 was used in determining these specifications.) 3Measured @ 1013 mbar and RH: 60%. 4Measured @ 20°C and RH: 60%.

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Pumping System Specifications Warning The 1512 must not be placed in areas with flammable gases/vapors in explosive concentrations or be used to monitor explosive concentrations of these. Monitoring of certain aggressive gases or a very high concentration of water vapor may damage the 1512. Contact your Advanced Energy sales representative for further information.

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MEASUREMENT DATA Online Measurement Results Using one or more of the monitor’s standard interfaces, measurement results are transferred directly to a PC. Here the results can be displayed on screen as real-time values in tables and graphs (see Fig. 1) or integrated into the process system. In the 7820/7880 software, the graphs can be configured to display only the desired gases, defined concentration ranges, and results from statistical analyses. Also, when using the 7880 software, all measurement data is stored in user-defined SQL Server 2014 database. Fig. 1: The graphical window shows up...

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Innova 1512 Gas Monitor Datasheet - 7

ORDERING INFORMATION Optical filters necessary for the user’s monitoring task can be ordered together with the 1512 and installed by Advanced Energy. The 1512 is then delivered zero-point and humidity interference calibrated. Multiple Point Monitoring The Innova 1512 can be integrated with the Innova 1409 Multipoint Sampler to form a monitoring system expandable to up to 24 channels sampled sequentially. The user can decide upon a full standalone operation (the gas monitor is the system controller) or a remote controlled operation from a PC with the LumaSoft 7880 for online monitoring.

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Advanced Energy For international contact information visit +1 970 221 0108 ABOUTADVANCED ENERGY Advanced Energy (AE) has devoted more than three decades to perfecting power for its global customers. AE designs and manufactures highly engineered, precision power conversion, measurement and control solutions for mission-critical applications and processes. AE’s power solutions enable customer innovation in complex semiconductor and industrial thin film plasma manufacturing processes, demanding high and low voltage applications, and...

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