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Impac Pyrometer Overview - 1

PYROMETER OVERVIEWHighly Accurate Infrared Thermometers for Non-contact Temperature Measurements Advanced Energy’s pyrometers are temperature measurement instruments that operate on the principle of infrared radiation, i.e. they detect infrared radiation of objects to determine the temperature. In many industry sectors, the use of non-contact temperature measurement instruments is an important technology. For example, it is used for controlling complete factory processes or measuring even the smallest components to ensure a consistent quality level. With a huge pyrometer product portfolio developed from years of research and customer contact, Advanced Energy provides solutions for nearly every application request. Special solutions that are not listed in this brochure can also be quickly adapted to customer or application specific requirements. This overview gives an impression of the broad variety of pyrometers and the possibilities that they provide. The instruments are classified in application areas and thereunder in product series.

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Impac Pyrometer Overview - 2

METALLIC, CERAMIC, AND GRAPHITE SURFACES EMISSIVITY OF METALS — The emissivity of bright metal surfaces is high at short wavelengths and decreases with lengthening wavelengths. In the presence of oxidized and soiled metal surfaces, results are not necessarily consistent; emissivity may be strongly influenced by temperature and/or wavelength. Emissivity, % Metal components are often bright after machining, and their surfaces change when heated. At temperatures above 300°C, tarnishing colors and increasing oxidation scale usually appear. This needs to be taken into consideration to avoid...

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Impac Pyrometer Overview - 3

FEATURED PRODUCT PORTABLE PYROMETERS SERIES 8 Portable pyrometers suitable for measuring metals, ceramics, graphite, etc. or special applications such as pouring streams or in coke ovens. Short response time for measurements of fast processes Temperature display on housing, in view finder, and multifunctional display ■ Precision optics for small spot sizes ■ Robust die cast housing for use in harsh environments ■ Large data storage Brief Description Very fast portables for measurements on metals and ceramics. Very small spot sizes, maximum value storage, temperature indicator. Especially...

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Impac Pyrometer Overview - 4

First industrial grade hybrid pyrometer - com bination of pyrometry and thermal imaging in a single solution. FEATURED PRODUCT ■ Definition and evaluation of ROIs (Regions of Interest) in the thermal image ■ Inclusive video cable and Video-to-USB grabber

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Impac Pyrometer Overview - 5

FEATURED PRODUCT Digital ratio pyrometer with possible combination of 1-color and 2-color measurement. Wide temperature ranges and various operating modes: ■ 1-color mode: 100 to 2550°C ■ 2-color mode: 250 to 2550°C ■ Smart mode: automatic (temperature-dependent) transition from 1-color to 2-color mode (temperature can be determined by user) Very fast response time for highly dynamic processes. Automatic emissivity determination. 4 digit LED display. Fully digital core for sub-ranging and adopted analog output. 1-color mode 2-color mode Smart Mode 100°C Low temperature version of the IGA 6...

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Impac Pyrometer Overview - 6

FIBER OPTIC PYROMETERS Examples: ■ Various optical heads available ■ Can be used for measurements in vacuum chambers using feed through flanges The optical head and fiber can be used at high ambient temperatures Optical head and fiber can be used in electromagnetic fields Model ISR 12-LO ISR 12-LO/GS IGAR 12-LO Brief Description Fully digital, very fast pyrometer in 2-color design Special version of ISR 12-LO for (switchable to mono mode), with fiber optic cable measurement of pouring streams. lengths up to 30 m, display and laser targeting light, very small spot sizes, analog output and...

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Impac Pyrometer Overview - 7

FEATURED PRODUCT Transfer Standard Pyrometers for verification of blackbody calibration source temperatures. The accuracy of a calibration source (blackbody) is likely to drift over the course of time from the defined specification. Special Transfer Standard Pyrometers meet extreme high accuracy specifications and are used to transfer temperature data from a primary infrared source to other calibration sources. Fully digital, highly accurate, very fast pyrometers. Built-in digital display, view finder and optional targeting light, very small spot sizes, variable or fixed optics, analog...

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Impac Pyrometer Overview - 8

TYPICAL SPECTRAL RANGES Min Non-metal surfaces -40°C 8 to 14 4m Ultra-thin glass sheets 400°C 7.8 4m Measurement through flames 75°C 3.9 4m Metals, ceramics, graphite 5°C 3 to 5 4m Metals, ceramics, graphite 75°C 2 to 2.6 4m Metals, ceramics, graphite 250°C 1.45 to 1.8 4m Glass, metals, ceramics, graphite 600°C 0.8 to 1.1 4m Brief Description Very ^ digital fiber °ptic pyrometer. Different optical heads available, very small spot sizes. Laser targeting light, display, and buttons for instrument settings. Special version of the IS 50-LO plus with extremely short wavelength for metal...

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Impac Pyrometer Overview - 9

FEATURED PRODUCT SERIES 140 WITH PROFIBUS, PROFINET, OR ETHERNET INTERFACE Next to the standard interfaces RS232 and RS485, the IS 140, IGA 140, and IGA 140/23 pyrometers are also available with internal Profibus, Profinet, or Ethernet interface. Easy integration into existing Profibus or Profinet systems or into the existing local network. ■ PB types are equipped with a ■ ET types are equipped with an Profibus-DP interface Ethernet interface ■ PN types are equipped with a Profinet interface Fully digital, very fast pyrometer. Very small spot sizes, focusable optics. Display, buttons for...

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Impac Pyrometer Overview - 10

SOFTWARE TQCS: TEMPERATURE QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEMComplete recording and archiving of process temperatures. ■ Connects easily to existing machine controllers ■ Reliable identification and discharge of scrap ■ Modular system for easy upgrade or retrofit ■ Central, order-related, and manipulation-safe temperature recording for every single work piece—simultaneously on up to 30 machines Model IGA 140 IGA 140/23 IPE 140 IPE 140/39 Brief Description Fully digital, very fast pyrometer. Very small spot sizes, focusable optics. Display, buttons for instrument settings, analog output, digital...

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