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IMPAC IPE 140/39Addendum to IPE 140 Data SheetSpecial version of IPE 140 with a spectral range of 3.9 pm for measurements of metal parts in flame-heated furnaces. The Impac® IPE 140/39 is a special pyrometer for non-contact temperature measurement of metal parts in flame-heated furnaces or penetrating measurement into glass. Like the IPE 140, the IPE 140/39 is a highly accurate digital pyrometer. The narrow spectral range of 3.9 pm avoids the influence of humidity and CO2 and enables a correct measurement through flames and combustion gases. Also, humidity and CO2 do not have any influence on measurements with long measuring distances. Another application is the measurement of glass if a small penetration into the glass is necessary (e.g. glass drop). Measurement errors caused by partially cooled down surfaces can be avoided. For optimal match of the instrument to the application, three different focusable optics with extremely small spot sizes are available. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS ■ Temperature ranges between 20 to 1800°C (68 to 3272°F) ■ Measurement through flames and combustion gas without influencing the measurement ■ Penetrating measurement into glass ■ Reduction of emissivity errors Temperature Ranges 20 to 700°C (MB 7) 75 to 1200°C (MB 12) 300 to 1450°C (MB 14.5S) 200 to 1800°C (MB 18) Spectral Range 3.9 pm Optics 3 focusable optics a = 105 to 150 mm a = 200 to 440 mm a = 345 to 4300 mm ©2019 Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

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REFERENCE NUMBERS Advanced Energy PRECISION | POWER | PERFORMANCE IPE 140/34 For international contact information, visit Specifications are subject to change without notice. Not responsible for errors or omissions. ©2019 Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. All rights reserved. Advanced Energy®, Impac®, and AE® are U.S. trademarks +1 970 221 0108 of Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

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