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Blackbody Calibration Sources IRC 35 to 150


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MIKRON IRC 35 TO IRC 150Calibration source with a single fixed temperature for inspection of pyrometers. Temperatures ranging from 35 to 150°C (95 to 302°F). The Mikron® calibration sources of type IRC 35 to IRC 150 are instruments for inspection of the measurement accuracy of pyrometers (radiation thermometers) at a fixed temperature value. The highly accurate control ensures a constant and stable heating of the large emitter surface with a high temperature uniformity with a maximum deviation of 0.2°C. The robust stainless steel design guarantees the operation even under rough industrial environments. The compact dimensions also allows for verifying fixed installed pyrometers at the measuring location. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS ■ Ten different types for fixed adjusted temperatures of 35°C , 45°C, 70°C, 75°C, 95°C, 100°C,110°C,120°C,140°C,or150°C ■ High emissivity: 98% ■ Large aperture diameter: 50.8 mm (2") ■ Short warm-up time ■ High temperature stability ■ Small dimensions ■ Stainless steel housing TYPICAL APPLICATIONS ■ Single point temperature calibrations of point IR pyrometers ■ Fixed mount and portable pyrometer calibration verification Fixed Temperatures 35°C, 45°C, 70°C, 75°C, 95°C, 100°C, 110°C,120°C, 140°C, or 150°C Measurement Uncertainty IRC 35 0.4°C for Ty = 10 to 30°C IRC 45 to IRC 120 0.4°C for Ty = 10 to 40°C 0.6°C for Ty = 0 to 10°C IRC 140 to IRC 150 0.5°C for Ty = 10 to 40°C 0.7°C for Ty = 0 to 10°C Emissivity 0.98 ±0.004 (for X = 2 to 5.4 pm X = 8 to 14 pm) Aperture Diameter 50.8 mm (2") Warm-up Time max. 5 (IRC 35) to 30 min (IRC 150)

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Advanced Energy For international contact information visit +1 970 221 0108 ABOUTADVANCED ENERGY Advanced Energy (AE) has devoted more than three decades to perfecting power for its global customers. AE designs and manufactures highly engineered, precision power conversion, measurement and control solutions for mission-critical applications and processes. AE’s power solutions enable customer innovation in complex semiconductor and industrial thin film plasma manufacturing processes, demanding high and low voltage applications, and...

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