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APPLICATION BROCHURE yrZ Advanced II. Energy TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT FOR STEEL Non-contact temperature sensors for improved process monitoring and greater efficiency in steel production processes

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SOLUTIONS FOR STEEL APPLICATIONS Advanced Energy delivers innovative temperature monitoring solutions throughout steel making, forming, and finishing processes. Today’s increasing quality standards and higher energy costs demand more accurate and consistent temperature control in the steel making process. Processes such as coke oven heating, continuous casting, furnace reheating, hot rolling, and forging are becoming more and more expensive. Steel facilities need the right tools to ensure they optimize energy usage across their facilities. With a 60-year history of creating efficiencies...

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Better Processes with Better Measurements THERMAL IMAGING SOLUTIONS PYROMETRY SOLUTIONS Our thermal imaging solutions offer excellent special and temperature resolution for outstanding images, allowing users to gain new insight into their processes. Designed specifically to protect instruments in harsh, high-temperature steel environments, advanced enclosures allow for remote monitoring of temperatures in real time, and for image data to be transferred from one or more cameras to a single PC. The instruments are insulated and cooled to protect the temperature measurement device and to...

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Coke ovens, wharfs, and raw materials transport Coke is the most important raw material for the blast furnace in terms of operation and hot metal quality. Detection of hot spots during the rail car transport or wharf quenching can reduce safety risks and prevent damage to equipment, such as conveyor belts. In the coke oven battery, operators look for even heat distribution over the entire heating wall for coking process optimization and efficiency. Residue and deposits on the heating walls can Impact the quality of the coking process and result in production losses and high costs on a...

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Stove Dome & Blast Furnace Furnace Exit-Gas Temperature (FEGT) Sensor Stove domes contain extremely volatile gases used to heat the blast furnaces along with waste gases, both of which can reach up to 2600°C. Temperature measurement and control is essential for maintaining correct operation. Manufacturers typically use expensive thermocouples to measure the air and refractory wall temperature, but thermocouples degrade and fail frequently under the harsh conditions. Advanced Energy thermal imaging solutions and pyrometers are made specifically to withstand the extremely harsh environments...

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Ladles & Torpedo Cars Ladles and torpedo car linings are made of refractory materials that are subjected to heavy strain and wear from filling and emptying of molten iron. Ladle pre-heating is used to keep the refractory brick from cracking when the hot molten steel is poured into a ladle and also prevents the molten metal from hardening when it hits a cooler area of the refractory. Routine inspection of metal components help operators identify weak points in the lining and prevent damage. Operators can mount Advanced Energy’s 3.9 μm spectral response pyrometer on top of the preheat ladle...

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Hot Forming In hot forming applications such as forging, press forging, bending, and press hardening, correct forming and heat treatment temperatures are instrumental in meeting the specified quality requirements and achieving optimum properties of work pieces. In addition to precise temperature measurements, closed-loop process control and documentation of measured data are often required. To minimize the systematic measuring errors that may be caused by external influences (e.g. surface variations, reflections), temperatures on metal surfaces should always be measured at the shortest...

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Casting In casting application, correct temperatures of all process steps are instrumental in meeting the specified quality requirements and achieving optimum properties of end products. To minimize the measurement errors from external influences, temperatures should be measured with the shortest available wavelength. In very harsh environments, two color pyrometers are the best choice. KEY PRODUCTS Pyrometers: ISR 12-LO/GS, IS 8-GS pro, ISR 6 with line optics Thermal Imagers: MCL640, MCS640 Advanced Energy pyrometers and thermal imagers accurately measure all relavant temperatures to...

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Rolling mills: slabs, bars, billets Infrared sensors measure strip and sheet temperature so that rolling mill stands can be efficiently set to match the steel’s temperature. Sensors can be used to detect the presence of hot metal and accurately time the roll stand operation. higher temperature part of the slab is quenched to the maximum extent allowed, resulting in greater working time. Ratio pyrometers usually help to minimize the effect of steam interference. Pyrometers can be used to measure the roll temperature as water cools the roll during the quenching process. Steam is an issue with...

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Annealing furnaces Annealing is a controlled heating and then cooling process that changes the metal’s characteristics. It is often a relatively slow process requiring significant energy. Inaccurate temperature measurement, non-uniform ovens, or poorly sealed furnaces lead to added costs and reduced quality. Advanced Energy pyrometers and thermal imagers can be used to accurately monitor both product temperature and KEY PRODUCTS Thermal Imagers: MCS640, FurnaceSpection furnace temperature. Thermal imagers and multiple spot pyrometers are used to control uniformity inside furnaces with zone...

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Additional Applications The Advanced Energy Global Applications Engineering team is staffed with Senior Engineers to help develop innovative solutions for customers worldwide. Other steel-related applications we’ve developed a solution for: ■ Coke quenching monitoring ■ Bridge wall monitoring ■ Gas burner cutting monitoring ■ Roller surface overheating detection ■ Wire forming monitoring ■ Controling cooling zone of slabs ■ Tube welding ■ Control of the sintering plant ■ Control of the flare systems ■ Reheat furnace ■ Walking-beam furnace

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