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APPLICATION BROCHURE TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT FOR PETROCHEMICAL Non-contact temperature monitoring for petrochemical applications including gas plants, oil refineries, and chemical plants

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INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS Advanced Energy delivers innovative temperature and gas sensing solutions for petrochemical applications including gas plants, oil refineries, and chemical plants. With a 60-year history of improving process control and safety with optical sensors, Advanced Energy delivers innovative temperature and gas sensing instruments for the Petrochemical market. While estimates put overall refinery efficiency at approximately 90 %, many of the processes such as distillation and reforming require high temperatures that are very energy intensive. Small efficiency improvements in...

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Thermal Imaging Systems for Monitoring Critical Assets Pyrometer Systems for Monitoring Critical Assets Advanced Energy’s Mikron thermal imaging cameras and systems accurately measure temperature and operate by using reliable infrared technology. These high-tech instruments can operate remotely and can precisely determine the object temperature and temperature distributions, even on small objects. These systems are fully turn-key so you get the most out of your investment. By delivering high-quality, reliable products combined with world-class service and support, our goal is to ensure...

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Quasar 2 Flare Monitor Pyrometer-Based System for Continuous Monitoring of Flared Gases from Remote Locations Flare systems require pilot flame confirmation for safe operation to confirm there is an ignition source for flared gases. Furthermore, flares that do not ignite will release hazardous gases into the atmosphere, leading to safety risks to infrastructure, personnel, and noncompliance with environmental regulations. Pilot flame detection must be monitored to assure ignition of flared gases during flare operation. Thermocouple failure due to thermal shock leaves operators without pilot...

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The E2T Quasar 2 M8100-EXP Flare Stack Flare Monitors provide continuous monitoring of flared gases from remote locations up to ¼ mile (400 m) away in nearly any climate condition. This solution is ideal for confirming compliance with government-set pilot monitoring requirements. High quality optics: 5 different optics are available to ensure a positive pilot flame detection. Heavy duty accessories: For easy mounting, alignment and focusing on the target, a heavy duty swivel mount with locking and adjusting capability is required. The optional M-4 Heavy Duty Swivel Mount offers secure and...

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FlareSpection™ Thermal imaging system designed for continuous monitoring of pilot flames and flaring operations Flare tips in close proximity cause interference from adjacent flare tip interposing flames. The Advanced Energy FlareSpection system is designed to provide the clearest flare image and pilot flame monitoring for applications with multiple flare tips in close proximity. In addition, the FlareSpection’s unmatched spatial resolution enables discrete detection of individual pilots of a flare. The thermal imaging-based flare monitoring system enables users to confirm flare operation...

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Advanced Energy Flare Monitoring — Telephoto (200 mm) lens enabling detailed view of flare from distances of 300 m or more High resolution 640 × 480 pixel thermal imager for process control and monitoring FLARESPECTION SYSTEM COMPONENTS Stainless steel enclosure designed for hazardous area Available adjustable mount and base

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Infrared Thermometry for Sulfur Reactors Continuous measurement of Refractory Temperature (RT), Gas Temperature (GT), and Integrated Temperature (FF) Optimal operation of Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU), Sulfur Burner, and Thermal Oxidizer furnaces require accurate process Gas (Flame) measurement and accurate Refractory measurement for operational safety (high temperature alarms). Of particular importance, is control of the furnace process temperatures to prevent damage to the furnace refractory and assurance that reaction or destruction temperatures are reached and maintained. Thermocouple...

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Advanced Energy’ new generation E2T Pulsar 4 combines continuous measurement of gas and refractory temperatures, reporting both readings simultaneously in one instrument. The Pulsar 4 is a single channel option for direct replacement of our older Pulsar II products. The Pulsar 4 Advanced features include two analog outputs, Smart FMA capability, and HART protocol. TRUSTED PROVIDER — Over 550 refineries, gas plants and petrochemical companies with over 1,700 installations worldwide have looked to us for accurate infrared temperature data. When you install E2T Pulsar 4 infrared thermometers,...

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Real-Time Fault Detection and Monitoring Continuous, non-contact measurement solution for monitoring critical vessels such as gasifier skin temperature Critical vessels in the chemical, refining, and power industries operate at high temperature and pressure and are at risk of failure as joints and refractory degrade. The consequences of undetected failures can be very serious. For many years, thermocouple systems and fiber optic sensors have been viewed as the traditional solution for temperature measurement in critical vessel monitoring applications. Yet, these sensors can be both...

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The ThermalSpection™ Critical Vessel Monitoring system is a turn-key solution for monitoring critical vessels, such as gasifier skin temperature. Each thermal imaging camera is mounted in a sealed housing that includes internal cooling and a positive pressure purge to prevent dirt or flammable gases from entering the enclosure. Advanced Energy’s LumaSpec™ software provides advanced features in a user-friendly interface. From a single computer, the software can send commands to and gather data from up to 24 cameras mounted in the field.

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THERMAL IMAGING FOR ASSET MONITORING Automated, continuous thermal and visual imaging to identify thermal abnormalities within industrial and petrochemical pipelines. The ThermalSpection 724 Remote Thermal Monitoring solution represents another milestone in innovative infrared thermometry. With its multiple camera system functionality, it is the first system to allow remote monitoring of temperatures in real time via image data obtained from one or more cameras and sent to a single central controller. Designed with advanced maintenancefree electronics and industrial protective packaging,...

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