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Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors Immune, Accurate, and Safe Fiber Optic Probes and Accessories for use in Harsh Environments Leading the industry for more than 30 years, LumaSense Technologies' line of Luxtron fiber optic thermography probes are rugged and robust. Using Luxtron's patented technology, our Fluoroptic® probes are chemically resistant and immune to electromagnetic interference. LumaSense offers probes for an array of applications and has extensive experience designing customized probes for OEM applications. Benefits • Probes immune to a wide range of harsh environmental characteristics including but not limited to RF, MRI, Microwave, Induction Heating, Plasmas, and High Voltage • Chemically Resistant • Non-Metallic • Corrosion Resistant • Safe for Flammable or Explosive Environments • Stable and Inert Sensor

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STF Probe Application Temperature Range Response Time Fast response immersion 0 to 295 °C 1.25 seconds still air 0.25 seconds in stirred water STS Probe Kit Application Temperature Range Response Time Kit Includes Surface contact -25 to 200 °C < 0.2 seconds 2 m or 5 m probe and two 10 cm replaceable tips (tip OD 0.7 mm) STR Probe Kit Application Temperature Range Response Time Kit Includes Non-contact remote sensing -25 to 330 °C < 0.2 seconds Alpha phosphor material, three types of binders, 2 m blank probe, and Remote Sensing User Guide :3> STB Probe1 Temperature Range Length Response Time...

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