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IMPAC IPE 140 - 1

IMPAC IPE 140 Highly accurate, fully digital pyrometer with focusable optics for non-contact temperature measurements on metals, ceramics, graphite, etc. between 5 and 1200°C (41 to 2192°F). The Impac® IPE 140 is a digital, highly accurate infrared thermometer for non-contact temperature measurement on metals, ceramics, graphite, etc. Different focusable optics with extremely small spot sizes are available for optimal match of the instrument to the application. The pyrometer parameters can be selected via the integrated key pad. These settings are indicated on the built-in LCD display. In measuring mode, the actual temperature is indicated. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS ■ Short response times, min. 1.5 ms ■ Focusable optics with small spot sizes, min. 0.9 mm ■ Built-in digital display with temperature indication ■ Parameter adjustments via integrated key pad or interface ■ Optimized through lens view finder or laser targeting light ■ Test current output ■ Housing with precision mounting rail for safe mounting and accurate alignment ■ Interface RS232 / RS485 switchable TYPICAL APPLICATIONS ■ Preheating ■ Annealing ■ Tempering ■ Welding ■ Forging ■ Hardening ■ Sintering ■ Melting ■ Soldering ■ Rolling ■ Brazing ■ Normalizing Spectral Range 3 to 5 pm Measurement Uncertainty < 400°C: 2.5°C > 400°C: 0.4% oR +1°C Repeatability 0.1% oR + 1°C Optics 4 focusable optics: a = 71 to 90 mm a = 105 to 150 mm a = 200 to 440 mm a = 345 to 4300 mm Alignment Laser targeting or through lens sighting

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IMPAC IPE 140 - 2

Measurement Specifications 1MB is a shortcut used for temperature range (in German: Messbereich). The determination of the technical data of this pyrometer is carried out in accordance with VDI/VDE IEC TS 62942-2, the calibration / adjustment in accordance with VDI/VDE 3511, Part 4.4.

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IMPAC IPE 140 - 3

TECHNICAL DATA (CONTINUED) Interface Specifications Pyrometer With Laser Targeting LightyrZ Advanced ZI. Energy Dimensions in mm

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IMPAC IPE 140 - 4

The pyrometers are available with different focusable optics. They offer the smallest possible spot size at any distance. The adjustment can be done easily without additional tools with help of the "turn and clamp" mechanism (one hand). The spot sizes are shown in the following table (all distances are measured from the front of the lens). The different optics are exchangeable without recalibration of the pyrometer. For spot sizes between those in the table, values can be found by interpolation. Laser Targeting Light Through Lens View Finder

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IMPAC IPE 140 - 5

ADVANTAGES OF DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING The signal processing of series 140 pyrometers is fully digital, i.e. the detector signal is digitized immediately and digitally processed. With this technique, an extremely high accuracy and repeatability as well as very long measuring ranges are achieved. Accuracy The high accuracy is achieved by the digital linearization of the sensor output as well as the digital compensation of the ambient temperature. Temperature Range Due to the digital technique, the user can set any temperature sub range within the full temperature range. The minimum span of...

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IMPAC IPE 140 - 7

InfraWin is easy-to-use measurement and evaluation software for remote configuration of stationary, digital Impac brand pyrometers. This software allows the user to remotely adjust and control settings for one or two pyrometers from a single computer. InfraWin also allows the user to simultaneously monitor and control temperatures. ■ Display temperature data as color bars and online graphics ■ Capture downstream evaluations as tables, graphics or text files ■ Calculate the spot size for different measuring distances ■ Features UPP standard (Universal Pyrometer Protocol) Pyrometer Settings...

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IMPAC IPE 140 - 8

Advanced Energy ABOUTADVANCED ENERGY Advanced Energy (AE) has devoted more than three decades to perfecting power for its global customers. AE designs and manufactures highly engineered, precision power conversion, measurement and control solutions for mission-critical applications and processes. AE’s power solutions enable customer innovation in complex semiconductor and industrial thin film plasma manufacturing processes, demanding high and low voltage applications, and temperature-critical thermal processes. With deep applications know-how and responsive service and support across the...

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