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APPLICATION BROCHURE GLASS SOLUTIONS Non-contact temperature sensors, SCR power controllers, and plasma power generators for improved process control, monitoring, and greater efficiency in glass production processes ©2018 Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

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SOLUTIONS FOR GLASS APPLICATIONS Trusted Solutions Advanced Energy delivers trusted temperature measurement, control, and process power solutions for glass production processes Advanced Energy delivers trusted temperature measurement and control solutions for glass manufacturers. Accurate and precise temperature monitoring is critical for efficient and cost-effective melting, glass viscosity control, heat zone adjustment, annealing, and stress reduction. Temperature measurement is also directly related to glass quality as well as prolonging the life of critical assets such as refractory...

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SOLUTIONS FOR GLASS APPLICATIONS Common Applications Flat and solar glass Thin and thinnest sheet glass e.g., for the architectural and automotive sectors e.g., for smart phones, tablets, flat panel displays, solar panels, and safety glass Container and utility glassware Technical glass e.g., for bottles, containers, and drinking glasses e.g., lamps, lightbulbs, energy-saving lamps and tubes, optical glass fiber, glass wool, and optical instruments

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SOLUTIONS FOR GLASS APPLICATIONS Process Optimization Through Precise Control and Non-Contact Temperature Measurement Temperature measurement and control is key to the monitoring and optimization of energy-intensive glass production processes. Careful temperature monitoring during glass production is the only way to ensure product quality meets stringent marketplace requirements. While temperature control has an impact on the actual quality and reliability of the finished glass, it all comes together when the individual coating layers are added. Temperatures during various production stages...

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SOLUTIONS FOR GLASS APPLICATIONS Emissivity of Glass in the Infrared Spectrum Important optical properties of flat glass transmission (τ), reflection (ρ), and emissivity (ε) (or absorption (α)) affect the performance in many common applications. The high energy UV portion of the solar spectrum (wavelength less than 400 nm) can be damaging to many materials including human skin. Since the transmission of glass is relatively low in this region, thick glass can be an effective UV block. Visual light (400 to 750 nm) easily passes through glass since the transmission is very high in this region....

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SOLUTIONS FOR GLASS APPLICATIONS Glass Melting Regenerator Protecting the expensive regenerator crown refractory is important in the glass melting process. Typical thermocouples deteriorate over time and can be unreliable, but infrared pyrometers measure temperature without contact and remain outside high-temperature zones, providing long-term reliability. This enables operators to maintain efficient and stable operation of the melting tank at higher temperatures. SCR power controllers monitor and control the power of each zone precisely throughout the process. Melting Tank Sand, limestone,...

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SOLUTIONS FOR GLASS APPLICATIONS Monitoring the tank bottom temperature Challenges Early detection of elevated temperatures in the bottom area of the melting tank caused by erosion of the refractory lining. Advanced Energy’s solution FurnaceSpection thermal imaging system for inspection of the melting tank bottom. By continuously monitoring surface temperature, the condition of the bottom refractory can be calculated and monitored, enabling the prevention of unexpected early failure. Customer benefits Early detection of wear in insulation materials allows for scheduling of corrective...

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SOLUTIONS FOR GLASS APPLICATIONS 01 Flat Glass Tin Bath The tin bath is the key component in the modern float glass process. Molten glass from the melting tank enters the tin bath through a canal and floats on top of the molten tin. Near the entrance of the controlled chamber, temperature is kept high to allow the molten glass to spread and smooth out. The glass is then allowed to cool in the various heating/cooling zones. Ensuring proper temperature of these cooling zones is essential to maintaining uniformity. Annealing Lehr After the glass ribbon is properly formed, it is moved through...

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SOLUTIONS FOR GLASS APPLICATIONS 05 Measuring the temperature distribution across the flat glass ribbon Challenges Ensure homogeneous temperature distribution in the ribbon as the flat glass leaves the working tank. Advanced Energy’s solution Thermal imagers for fast and full coverage temperature monitoring across the entire width of the flat glass ribbon. Customer benefits Rapid visualization of temperature distribution by means of thermal imaging software for easy, manual readjustment of heat input. Automatic alarms when limit values are exceeded. solutions : Thermal imaging Thermal image...

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SOLUTIONS FOR GLASS APPLICATIONS Container Glass In the production of container glassware, closely controlled temperatures are key to shaping the glassware and to achieving energy savings. Advanced Energy’s pyrometers and thermal imagers facilitate the adjustment of the temperature distribution and closed-loop control of the feeder temperature. Measuring and controlling the temperature distribution in the working tank Challenges Ensure homogeneous temperature distribution in the molten glass exiting the working tank. Optimum adjustment of the temperature profiles and set points in material...

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SOLUTIONS FOR GLASS APPLICATIONS 04 Measuring the mold temperature inside the IS machine Challenges Precise control of the air flow rate used for blowing and adjustment of the temperature distribution in the watercooled mold. This forms the gob of glass into the desired shape with the requisite wall thickness. Advanced Energy’s solution Pyrometer for mobile inspections or fixed installed pyrometer. Customer benefits Optimum uniformity of container wall thickness. Optimum adjustment of coolants. Final check and control of material distribution Challenges Save raw materials with a view to...

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